HOW SWEET IT IS! Ohio Strawberries!

As the first red ripe strawberries appear in their sweet splendor, it is a sure sign that summer has officially arrived in Northeast Ohio. It looks like the first strawberry will appear around June 10 this year!

Ridgeview Farm is located in Mesopotamia Township, right on State Route 87 on top of “Mepso Hill.” Fields are open to the general public for pick your own. The fields are open on Monday thru Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon or until the fields are picked out.

Customers who are time deprived can pick up pre-picked berries at the farm market. The stand is open Mon – Sat from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

“We pick our strawberries fresh at the peak of sweetness and get them to our customers the same day,” explains Steve Grover.

Grover’s had a rough start this spring. The farm experienced many hard frosts the middle of May. Ridgeview Farm uses overhead water irrigation so that the frost will not settle in on the berries and burn the flowers. “Steve was up several nights to protect the strawberry flowers. Overhead irrigation is a must for the commercial strawberry grower. If a patch experiences a hard frost, it could burn up to 35 percent of the total crop, so we think the sleepless nights were worth it,” shares Sharon Grover. “It has been a few years since we started picking strawberries by June 10. Last year we where almost two weeks early; this year we are right on target!” said Grover. “The week of June 17 will be a prime week for pick your own. The berries should peak around June 22,” said Grover.

Farmer Steve encourages customers to call ahead to get the picking forecast. The farm invites parents to bring their children out to the farm and teach them to pick berries. “The children are the farm’s future customers,” explains Grover. For more information about what Ridgeview Farm has to offer; visit the farm’s website or call the farm office at 440-693-4000.

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