It’s A Felony To Miss Legally Blonde At Geauga Theater Opening Friday, August 3

The 2018-19 season at Geauga Lyric Theater begins with a bang with the hit musical Legally Blonde. Based on the popular movie, Legally Blonde follows the trials of Elle Woods; a beautiful blonde with a degree in fashion merchandising. Determined to keep and marry her boyfriend, who has left her for serious pursuits at Harvard Law, she manages to get accepted at Harvard, and you’ll have to see the show to learn the rest!

Legally Blonde is the Skip Kelley Production in the season, cast specifically with young adults. Skip Kelley was a former tech director and mentor of the youth at GLTG.  Trinidad Snider, director, last seen on our stage as “Rose” in Gypsy. “ I love working with young adults and this show is all about someone who isn’t afraid to be different. Someone who defies the odds of while staying true to herself. What an incredibly message to give this next generation!

Paige Johnson is Elle, and plays her with heart and soul. Will Piotrowski (Warner) is her dapper and shallow love interest, while Ethan Peterson (Emmett) becomes her friend and confidante.

A truly ensemble cast, it is hard to briefly showcase them. Tim Oh (UPS guy) and Kat Magalaski (Paulette) have a few hilarious scene stealing moments.  Tim says. “I have never been in a comedic production before, so acting goofy and over dramatic actually presented a real challenge for me. But through directions and hours of practice, I found what I really needed to make my character shine.” Kat, who also was in GLTG’s Gypsy as Electra, is thrilled to work with Snider as director. “Trinidad is an amazing woman to work with, and I was so excited at the opportunity to be involved in a performance again with her.”

Snider says “This musical is actually a lot harder than it looks on the surface. It would be difficult for an adult ensemble to put together and we are trying to deliver that high quality, professional performance with 26 teens and young adults. To be able to maintain the focus and energy to fully deliver a show like Legally Blonde takes drive, passion and a ton of focus.“

Delta Nu/Greek Chorus member Olivia Sharp agrees.  She was surprised by the intensity of the choreography. “I thought it would be toned down because we are a teen cast but nope! There are a few songs that have choreography nearly identical to the Broadway version if not as challenging! It’s hands down the hardest dances I’ve ever done!” Marissa Webb, also a Delta Nu/Greek Chorus member, adds “Luckily we have an amazing choreographer, Kristy Kruz, who is always ready and willing to help us with whatever we need to make us feel as comfortable as we can be onstage.”

Finally, Darla Moorman (Harvard Admissions/District Attorney, sums up the show using a few of the musical numbers:  “Like most students, I ended the year with a Chip On My Shoulder. This show has been such a Positive experience. It has made me feel So Much Better and Whipped Into Shape to continue participating in theater. With all the Serious moments and times where I needed to Take it Like a Man, I think I have Found My Way improving my own performing abilities and extremely enjoying this summer show! “

Legally Blonde opens August 3rd with a wine and cheese reception, and continues weekends through August 19th. The historic Geauga Lyric Theater is on the beautiful Chardon Square at 101 Water Street. For tickets or season passes, call 440-286-2255 or visit us at Geauga Theater.

Pictured In Cover Photo: Elle (Paige Johnson) disagrees with Emmett’s study advice (Ethan Peterson)

Photo Credit: Sarah French

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