It’s Your Life – Isn’t It

We all live and breathe on the internet these days, don’t we? Facebook, Twitter, Email, and text messaging take a huge place in our lives. Some people say “technology will be the death of us,” but I beg to differ. Technology has just accelerated human nature. As humans, we like to gossip, snoop around, and “creep” on other’s lives to see what they are up to. It’s normal, it’s common, it’s just what we do as curious beings. We like to see what others are up to.

I have to say that the best part about technology for me is being connected. I can see the faces of those I love no matter where they are. A friend told me once, “Grandparents learn Skype pretty quickly when grandkids arrive,” and that is the truth. Seeing and connecting to others is the best part about technology. I love it.

The worst part about technology is that some people, in their ever giving nature, like to share every bad thing and complaint that ever comes to mind. Sometimes I am confused about this behavior and I stop and wonder, “Is your life THAT bad?” I don’t think it is, but they like to complain a lot about whatever they have going on. Sometimes I want to respond and ridicule them for their bad behavior, but then I remember this very important truth: I am just like them sometimes.

It’s very important for me to remember that it’s my life. I am responsible for my own choices, my own happiness, and my own behavior. As easy as it is to criticize the “bad” behavior of others, I always try to take a few minutes and think about my own attitude and actions.

Do I complain too much?

Am I the one who always has something negative to say to my group of friends? (online or offline)

Do I contribute something valuable and positive to the mix when I open my mouth, type a few words, or post a picture?

I am slowly but surely learning that taking time to reflect on my own behavior is worth the time and effort. Rather than point the finger, maybe I can improve my own behavior. Maybe I can contribute something positive and helpful, rather than just fueling the negative fire. It’s my life. Maybe I can do something positive with it.

It’s your life too, isn’t it?
What can you do to contribute something positive to the flow of information that streams before your friends’ eyes?
What can you do to make a positive impression?
Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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