Jayce Hein and Small Town Summertime Take the Stage

Have you gotten your tickets yet for the concert at the Iron Horse Saloon where Jayce Hein and Brian Desveaux will take the stage? October 17 is next week – so you better hurry up!

Jayce Hein Album Release Party

New and Different are probably the best adjectives for this event which doubles as a release party for his first album. Though Jayce is not brand new to many down in Nashville where he has lived since 2007 writing and co-writing songs for other well known artists, this will be his first CD where he has written all the songs with help from friends and where he is the lead vocalist. You can get a taste of what to expect by downloading his single which was released in June, Small Town Summertime (which is also the name of the new album) on either itunes or Amazon. Well worth the pennies you need to pay! It’s a great sing-a-long!

The different aspect will become obvious when he walks on stage!

Having grown up in Middleflield with a dad who played in a band and an older brother who also played guitar, music was a part of his life from day one. “I always wanted to play guitar,” says Jayce. “My dad taught me a chord or two, then my older brother Jimmie did, too.” After that, he was pretty much on his own. He taught himself chord after chord. “I can’t read music. I tried but could never figure it out. I just play chords.” And it certainly appears as though that hasn’t hindered him at all!


He’s still teaching himself, too. His wife Emily works evenings, so that’s his alone time to sit and work on new melodies, new chords, and write. Here’s another song Jayce tells us about which you’ll find on his new CD as we continue this series, bringing you all ten of what appears on this first album – which of course will be available on October 17!

“This is a cool little love song I wrote with a couple of my good buddies about a girl who leaves Florida for Tennessee. She ends up falling in love with Tennessee, and the singer of the song, and stays there. Chris and I started this song, but we couldn’t come up with an end tag line after, ‘She loves you lucky Tennessee.’ We decided to bring Dennis in on the song. Dennis looked at what we had for about a minute and then said, “She loves you lucky Tennessee, lucky me.” So simple, but perfect!

Lucky Tennessee

Written by: Jayce Hein, Dennis Knutson and Chris Yurchuck

Georgia peaches, Carolina beaches;

Every state’s got somethin’ they’re known for.

That Florida sunshine, it’s gonna have a hard time

Shinin’ just as bright since she ain’t there no more.

She could’ve gone any place on earth.

Lucky Tennessee, lucky me;

She never wants to leave the sweetness of your Dixie breeze.

She likes to cool her feet in old Hickory Creek.

She whispers to your wild flowers this is where she wants to be.

She loves you lucky Tennessee, lucky me.

Montana blue skies, California sun rise;

How could she overlook those western stars?

And Colorado had to let go;

The rockies couldn’t hold her cause she was followin’ her heart

Straight into both our arms.


Of all those places, we were holdin’ aces


Tickets can be purchased at any of these locations:

Online at Ticketbud

The Iron Horse Saloon

13468 Main Market Road
Burton, OH 44021

Middlefield Minimart
15965 E High St.
Middlefield, OH 44062

Find Jayce on Facebook

or at his website

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