Come out with a pet, but please pick up the waste

As much as we would all like someone to clean up after us, when it comes to your pets, YOU are responsible for any waste they leave behind in public spaces and parks. (Sorry.)

This summer, Geauga Park District kindly reminds pet owners to carry disposable plastic bags when you enter the parks and pick up after your dog or horse. Then – and this is a very important part – please safely deposit those bags inside a trash receptacle; never throw or leave them on the ground.

Did you know that if you didn’t bring your own bag, many Geauga Park District properties have bags available onsite for your use? These “Pet Waste” stands can be found at various locations within Observatory Park, Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve, Mountain Run Station, Big Creek Park Spur, Frohring Meadows, Holbrook Hollows, Beartown Lakes Reservation, The West Woods, Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Park, Orchard Hills Park and Sunnybrook Preserve.

Let’s face it: pet waste is bad for the environment. It can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that make people and pets sick, and can contaminate our streams, rivers and storm drains. If we all do our part, the parks will remain beautiful for everyone – this summer and year-round. And for those who don’t pick up, well, the Ranger Department also considers littering a ticketable offense…

Thanks in advance for your understanding and help!

For more on Geauga Park District offerings, please call 440-286-9516 or visit Geauga Park District online via, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

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