Kent State Geauga is Host to Many Community Events

The Kent State University Geauga Campus has been a bustling place as of late, hosting three community events in the past week. Visitors to the campus included students from Berkshire High School, community business owners and consumers, and senior students who participated in a day of learning.

Distracted Driving Program

Juniors and seniors from Berkshire High School visited the campus for a distracted driving program on Tuesday, May 8. The program was presented by the Save-a-Life Tour, paid for by a grant written by Gina Symsek from Berkshire High School. The distracted driving program included huge tour posters on display, an empty casket, and high intensity videos rolling on huge monitors. Presenters engaged the students following a video showing the results of driving while distracted and while the students drove in simulators that replicated their reactions when driving while texting or talking on their cell phones. The distracted driving program was part of the Prom Promise, a series of events geared towards educating the students about the dangers related to activities associated with prom: distracted driving, drinking and driving, taking unnecessary risks. The idea is to disseminate information that will help keep the students safe during the busy spring season; prom, the quickly approaching graduation day, and associated parties.

Distracted Driving
Distracted driving students: from left to right, Christina Piotrowski, Will Blair, Brooke Sell, Alexandra Corrigan, Danielle Davis, Tim Goff

Consumer Connection

On Wednesday, May 9, over 60 local businesses set up displays throughout campus with samples and demonstrations of their wares as part of the Geauga Consumer Connection. Caterers and local restaurateurs offered taste tests of meatballs, chocolates, smoothies, and more. Several of the businesses and the five sponsoring Geauga County Chambers of Commerce; Burton, Chagrin Valley, Chardon, Chesterland, and Middlefield, raffled off gift baskets and prizes. Workshops were taught by experts in areas of technology for the home, college financing, and dog training. The halls were filled with community members meeting local business people and learning about products and services available locally. This annual event is designed to promote local businesses and the idea to shop locally.

Consumer Connection
Nancy White talks to Carol Peter from Cold Nose Companions at the Geauga Consumer Connection

Learning for a Lifetime

Friday of the same week found more than 100 senior citizens roaming the Kent Geauga Campus halls. For the fifth consecutive year, the Geauga County Department of Aging, University Hospitals’ Geauga Campus, and Kent State Geauga have hosted Learning for a Lifetime. This year’s classes, taught by Kent faculty and administration and community experts, were offered in a variety of disciplines including: Yoga for Anyone, Healthy Water, Aging Well, Traveling Tips, Royalty Misbehaving Badly, and Fracking. Light snacks and coffee were available during student check-in and a boxed lunch was provided by UH Geauga at the break between the morning and afternoon class sessions. The seniors, 55 years young and older, have a variety of interests and seemed to enjoy the wealth of information they garnered throughout the day.

Dean Mohan
Dr. Mohan, dean of the Geauga Campus, talks about aging well

Kent State University at Geauga is happy to host these and other community events to fulfill a part of our mission, “to serve as the educational, business, and cultural center of our community.”

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