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Middlefield Fire Department Visits Kindergarten Classes

Kindergarten students had a few very special visitors come to Jordak Elementary on Thursday, October 13th. In light of national fire safety week, firefighters from the Middlefield Fire Department took time to talk to our students about how firefighters fight fires, the gear they wear, other emergencies they respond to, and most importantly demonstrating how to stop, drop, and roll. Every student also got a chance to sit in the fire truck and went home with a special sticker and firefighter helmet. “Thank you to the wonderful fire fighters who talked to our students,” says Kindergarten teacher Courtney Dyer. “They were so excited and that’s all they talked about the rest of the day!! They loved the helmets too!” Thank you again for your time and for your service!!

Pictured In Top Photo: Middlefield Fire Department Lieutenant Ben Reed takes a photo of Kindergartner Landon H. in the firetruck. The MFD visited the class for national fire safety week.

Cardinal Schools Host Community Wellness Rally

The Cardinal Local School District would like to thank all of the staff, community members, and vendors that participated in the 2016 Wellness Rally on Friday, October 14 at Cardinal Middle School. The district hosted the free event for employees and members of the community as a way to promote health and wellness. Those who attended were able to get flu shots, blood pressure screenings, massages, and information from various health and wellness vendors. Following along with the event’s tailgate theme, there were also games like corn hole, football, and Wii Sports for participants to play. Those who visited all of the vendors and wore sports attire were entered into a drawing for one of four prize baskets.

Cardinal Teachers and Alumni Discuss College Ready Ohio Program at Conference

The College Ready Ohio (CRO) program through The Ohio State University is providing great opportunities for Cardinal students. Recently, 2016 Cardinal grad and current OSU freshman, Cole Zemelka spoke to a group of educators at a state CRO conference. Cardinal received money through the College Ready Ohio Straight A Grant program to implement technology in the high school. Funds from the grant were used to purchase iPads for every student in grades 9-12 starting with the 2015 school year and install a distance learning lab. Zemelka was a senior that year and he was invited to the conference to share how the CRO improvements helped enhance his experience taking college classes while at Cardinal. “Because of CRO, I was able to complete a majority of distance learning assignments on my iPad, all I needed was Internet connection and I could do most of my work,” Zemelka told the crowd. “Both my psychology and calculus classes had tech requirements, and because of the equipment I had, I was able to be part of class two and a half hours away. These classes made a huge impact on my life and I’m a lot more confident that I can do well here, [at OSU] because of those classes.” CHS teachers Mrs. Fowler and Mr. Clutter also spoke about the benefits the CRO program is having at CHS.

Pictured In Bottom Photo: Cardinal High School English teacher Mrs. Fowler, science teacher Mr. Clutter, and alumni Cole Zemelka present at the College Ready Ohio conference in Columbus October 17, 2016. The trio spoke about how the CRO program has enhanced student learning at Cardinal.

Middle School Students Explore Minerals

With the expectation of science instruction every day, all students in 6th grade science at Cardinal Middle School, receive multiple opportunities every week to explore science labs. Currently our students are identifying minerals. Laboratory investigations provide all students with continuous opportunities to explore familiar phenomena and materials. Working together the students are given the problem many scientists/geologist are faced with by identifying the countless variations of minerals. In a recent lab activity students used their powers of observation and a few simple tests, like taste, to determine the identities of minerals.

Pictured In Left Photo: 6th grader Tim M. uses the taste test to determine the identity of the mineral he’s holding.

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