Local Residents Run in 24-Hour Fundraising Endurance Race

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The USATF 24-Hour Run National Championships was held September 19-20.

Team Telos selected The USATF 24-Hour Run National Championships as a fundraising and research endeavor. This event is an exciting 24-hour endurance race held this year at scenic Edgewater Park in Cleveland. Runners travel around a loop of just under one mile covering as many miles as possible within 24 hours.

Immediately after the race, Rick shared that “Some find it hard to comprehend the idea of running for 24 straight hours. Yet, the farther I’ve run the more I’ve come to appreciate the power of the human spirit and people’s ability to endure in the face of daunting circumstances.”

The Telos Leadership Foundation was established by telos’ founding partners to provide transformational leadership development opportunities for young people. The Telos Leadership Foundation makes grants to organizations that deliver programs proven to help young people develop into positive, emotionally and socially aware leaders. The fund is housed at The Cleveland Foundation.

“What we’ve discovered at Telos is that leadership attributes like perseverance and resilience are much like muscles in that they need to be trained and exercised to stay fit. We certainly tested our own limits of endurance this past weekend with our goal to help fund programs designed to build the leadership capacities of young people.”

The other members of Team Telos who competed in the USATF 24-Hour Endurance Run were Mark Kolar and Jim Laudato. Together, Team Telos participants covered more than 250 km during the 24-hour period. We would like to thank our generous sponsors: Foot & Ankle Specialists-Ohio, Boom Nutrition, KT Custom Logos, and the many individuals who contributed to this effort.

Lastly, as the end of 2015 draws near and you are considering donating to worthy causes, please consider the Telos Leadership Foundation. The Foundation makes grants to individuals and organizations that deliver programs to help young people develop into positive, emotionally & socially aware leaders.

To make a donation, please follow this link to the Telos Leadership Foundation.

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