Make a Difference Today

Quote by Theodore Roosevelt

My grandfather was a living example of the quote above. He told me so many times, “What really matters, Gabe, is making a difference in other people’s lives,” and those words still ring in my heart and mind every day. What does it mean to make a difference for others? I think there are times in our lives where we lose track of the things that really matter and we don’t take the necessary time to focus on those that we care about.

Making a difference for others can be as simple as holding the door, loading a stranger’s groceries into their car for them, or simply telling someone how much you appreciate what they do for you.

Make a Difference TodayTime can wear us down and sometimes coaxes us to forget about the things that really matter, but if we take time to remember what it’s like to be discouraged, hungry, lonely, weak, and lost, then we might just be able to keep those moments of pain close enough so that we can reach out to others who need our help.

Don’t assume they’ll find someone else. Don’t assume someone else will stop and help. Don’t assume that they don’t need anything because they’re so quiet. Step into the arena, make an effort, and fight the good fight. Do something for someone else today expecting nothing in return. Show someone unconditional love.

You’ll be surprised at how rich and beautiful your life will become if you take this approach. Even if it’s scary at first, I would challenge you to get out there and make a difference today.

Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday! Click HERE for more information on this amazing day of Giving or check out their Facebook page.


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