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“When you see a client lose everything due to a storm or a fire, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that our agency and Nationwide Insurance could put their lives back together for them. The Hiscox Agency strives to make sure that policies are complete and comprehensive. Because of this, Nationwide was able to help them rebuild after a catastrophic loss.”        ~Jerry Hiscox

Hiscox Insurance Agency, Burton

Insurance. Where do you start? It can be so confusing. Here in Geauga County, you can find answers to all of your insurance questions by contacting the Hiscox Agency. Speaking with Jerry or one of his agents can help to answer your questions and ease your mind. The Hiscox family agency has been representing Nationwide Insurance since 1969 when Jerry’s father, Jack, moved the family to Geauga County.

“Having grown up with my dad in this business, my older brother also became a Nationwide agent. After graduating from Youngstown State University, I worked for a local water conditioning company before deciding to follow in their footsteps and build my own agency. I opened an office in my hometown of Burton in 1980 and am in the same location today,” shares Jerry.

Jerry has his feet firmly planted in Geauga County. In his 32 years of being an agent, he has built relationships with the local schools and families throughout the county. “I … enjoy the friendships that this job has afforded me. By forming such a close relationship with our clients, they often become friends,” says Jerry about his work. “I enjoy putting people at ease when they do have a claim, knowing that the products we have set up for them are going to protect them and that they will be alright.”

Our Mission

As an agent with Nationwide, Jerry’s goal is to make sure their customers understand the insurance market, how it works, and to offer products that meet their individual needs. The Hiscox Agency Mission is “to provide our clients with superior products and knowledge.” They are a full service agency offering coverage for home, auto, life, commercial, recreational vehicles, and personal liability umbrella policies … just to name a few. With a list that long, how do you go about deciding what products to buy? Jerry has some great advice. “People are always taking care of the “what if” policies such as “what if I’m in an accident”. For these situations I encourage our customers to have Personal Umbrella Policies that provide them with additional liability protection.

It’s also important to remember the “when” policies…like “when I die”. I’m talking about life insurance. People don’t think their names are ever going to appear in the obituaries.”

Hiscox knows that people’s lives are constantly changing and so will their insurance needs. Therefore, his staff offers “On Your Side Reviews” to ensure that those changing needs are adequately covered. Jerry likes to operate under the old adage of  treat others the way you would want to be treated. That’s why customer service is so important and what sets his agency apart.

“Our process of getting the facts and explaining the products ensures that our clients have what they need in their time of need.”

As part of the community, the Hiscox Agency stays active in support of the local schools. Community and business are one in the same to Jerry, and one must be there to help the other in order for both to succeed.

If one’s measure of success includes length of time in a community, then the Hiscox Agency is indeed a success. After 43 years in Burton, they still offer the same superior products at the lowest prices with neighborly customer service. As Jerry states, “Our agency has been here for a long time…we are here to stay. We hope that’s a comfort to those who choose to do business with us.”

Visit them on the Square in the Burton Commons Building, or as they like to say:
“On Your Side…on the Square”

Hiscox Ageny in Burton Commons

14606 West Park Street, Burton, Ohio 44021
1-800-344-6384/ 440-834-4013
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