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Sometimes, you get so used to your surroundings, that you miss what others travel thousands of miles to see. That is the case with Ma and Pa’s Gift Shack in Troy Township. As you pull off Main Market Road into the driveway, you immediately feel as though you have just entered a rustic world of simplicity in a backwoodsy setting crammed full of offerings made by the pioneers themselves. And then you get lost in time….

The beautiful 1820s log cabin was carefully dismantled in Zanesville, Ohio then brought to its present location and reconstructed, log by log. For 11 years now, Tammy and her husband have been delighting both local and distant visitors with an opportunity to see and experience some of the wonders of the old time country life, both inside and outside the cabin. “We’re always trying to offer something new and different,” says Tammy as she polishes the ‘Made in America’ products they carry. From rustic furniture and swing sets made locally by Amish neighbors, to chainsaw-carved bears and eagles made in Montana, you will find a slew of textures, colors, sizes, scents, and tastes to tempt you. It requires concentrated viewing to see all the goods hiding among one another – a bit like ‘Where’s Waldo’ – but in this case, you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for – you just keep finding! Gorgeous soft woven blankets and furs, carved pine bed frames and chairs, handbags, socks, plush toys, handmade soaps and lotions, Burt’s Bees items, and canned goodies….all await the lovers of exquisite craftsmanship and domestic arts. Oh yes! And made right in their own backyard in the sugar house, you’ll see plenty of Geauga County’s famous maple syrup and products!

May through October you can “Get away from the hustle and bustle! Come back to the simple life with a Buggy Ride at Ma and Pa’s.” Enjoy a little peace and quiet in an authentic buggy, driven by their owners. Reservations are encouraged to accommodate you and your family and are required before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Can you imagine the beauty in the fall with all the leaves changing! Or perhaps you want something a bit more upscale. Carriage rides are also offered for your riding pleasure!

Get away from the hustle and bustle! Come back to the simple life with a Buggy Ride at Ma and Pa’s.”

Attention gentlemen! Are you looking for a creative, memorable, romantic way to propose to your sweetheart? Hold off a few more months and take the horse-drawn sleigh out through the snow covered woods! It doesn’t get any better than that! Afterwards, take your new fiance inside the cabin and sit by the fire with cups of hot cocoa and cookies. Makes you long for the snow to fly! “I’m really looking forward to snow,” says Tammy. “Last year was so wet we only had the sleigh out a few times.” Sleigh rides are offered from December through mid March and include Ma’s famous cookies, banana nut bread, hot chocolate, and maple coffee. Yum!  And if there happens to be no snow? Take a ride in their Surrey!

One of the unique offerings at Ma and Pa’s, is the opportunity for your family to experience the gathering of sap in the late winter. Take out the horses, take your kids, and take a trip into the woods where the trees have been tapped and you get to help collect sap!

If you’re looking for something to do right here in Geauga County that is sure to add to the family memories, without depleting the bank account, visit Ma and Pa’s. You’ll feel right at home, just like the settlers of bygone days did when they went a-visitin’. You may even be greeted by Alice, the family dog, wagging her stub of a tail, ready to invite you in for your tour!

Sweet Alice

Ma and Pa’s website has information regarding types of rides available, prices, plenty of great photos of people, as well as products you can order online. Group discounts available.

Or call for information 440-548-5521. Ma and Pa’s Gift Shack is located at 15161 Main Market Road (SR 422), Burton, OH 44021

Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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