Newbury Black Knights Fall to the Spartans

Friday night wasn’t only a cold one, but it was a rough one for the Newbury Black Knights football team. I wasn’t sure what kind of game we were going to when I got there. I read the stats, read about previous games from this season, and compared records of both teams. I knew it was going to be a tough game, but figured Newbury might have the upper hand. Newbury went into the game with a record of 3-2 against the Richmond Heights Spartans with a record of 1-4. Now, I am sure most of you are looking at that wondering why they lost. But when you break down the teams they have played and the scores, you wouldn’t be as shocked. Both teams came into this game almost even on paper. The only thing certain going into this game was that two teams were going to come out on that field ready to play some football.

First Half

Newbury's opening kickoffThe game started with Newbury kicking off to Richmond Heights. Black Knights were called for an offsides on the kick, and that would be only the first of three penalties of the night for the boys. Some might have called it a sign of the game to come but if that was true, Richmond Hts. would have been in a lot of trouble. They had over 10 penalties during the game with most of them being from kickoffs. I will say though, it was an interesting first half. You weren’t really sure what was going to happen next. Whether it was an interception from Newbury’s #88 or a missed kickoff reception, you couldn’t turn your head or you missed something game changing.

Richmond Hts. was the first team to put points up. Senior Rico Jones took the 12 yards and gave the Spartans their first touchdown. The point after kick was no good leaving them with only a score of 6. The second quarter had a little more action. The Spartans got called for roughing the passer when the Black Knights were 4 and 8. Although Newbury wasn’t able to score off of that, they never gave up. The Black Knights defense never quit fighting. Richmond Hts. was able to score again when senior Javonte Keck brought the ball into the end zone. This time, they went for the 2 point conversion and were able to bring it in. With a score of 0-14, Newbury knew they had to put some points on the board before halftime. Miller made sure that happened when he got Newbury’s first touchdown with 14 seconds left on the clock. Point after was good, bringing the first half score to 7-14.

Homecoming Court

As the teams headed into the locker room, a parade of cars were headed around the track. It was homecoming! They announced the representatives from the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes and then it was time for the moment everyone had been waiting for. The 2011 Homecoming King and Queen were on hand to do the crowning. After the 2012 prince (Fred DiBacco) and princess (Morgan Mallone) were called, it came time to announce King and Queen. The 2012 Homecoming King was announced and Dustin Sutter took center and received his crown followed by loud cheers. Once the crowd fell silent again, Molly Walsh was announced as the 2012 Homecoming Queen. They took time for some photos but Dustin had to take off. He still had a game to play! As he and the other guys headed to join their team, the band played “Don’t Stop Believing” and we got ready for more football.

Newbury Homecoming 2012 Court
Princess-Morgan Malone and Prince-Fred DiBacco, Queen-Molly Walsh and King-Dustin Sutter

Second Half

Newbury HuddleThe Black Knights continued to fight through the second half. In the third quarter, Richmond Hts. was able to score four touchdowns with each one being followed up by a two point conversion. That would make almost any team want to give up and head to the locker room. Newbury was not going to surrender that easily. When #1 took the ball in on a 50 yard run for 6, the crowd was up and yelling again. So were his teammates. You could see them getting fired up. The defense was ready, the offense was ready. The fourth quarter began with cold hands, minor injuries, and lots of fog. The Black Knights defense was able to hold the Spartans to only two touchdowns for the rest of the game.

That wasn’t the best thing that happened that quarter, or game for that matter. The Richmond Hts. Spartans had been kicking it off short the entire game. Newbury had started to line up a little closer to the line towards the fourth quarter. I am not sure how it happened, but the Spartans kicker booted it directly toward the end zone over the Black Knights’ heads. Newbury’s #38 made the best play of the night with it. He ran back and managed to catch the ball before it touched the ground and ran it the 85 plus yards in for a touchdown. Talk about everyone on their feet! May have been their only points of the quarter and last points of the game, but that one will keep everyone ready for the next game.

The Newbury Black Knights may have lost their game against the Richmond Heights Spartans with a score of 19-60 but they played with heart. You have to remember that this is a team where most of their players play the entire game. They have multiple positions, not just one. The boys may have started out rough but they finished strong. I am sure they will be ready for their game this Friday when they host Cardinal. You should check it out. I am sure it will be a game you don’t want to miss. As for me, I will be at another one of our great Geauga County schools.

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Scores From Around The Town

West Geauga 6
Aurora 33

Cardinal 0
Kirtland 54

Berkshire 28
Fairport Harding 21

Chardon 14
Willoughby South 35

Chalker 14
Ledgemont 28

Kenston 65
Orange 37

Benedictine 7

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