Annual Fall Scavenger Hunt

Starting today, you can participate in Geauga County Tourism’s Annual Fall Scavenger Hunt that will lead you to explore 10 locations within the county to answer questions.

Maple Max Jewelry Line

Cat’s Eye Creations Creates Maple Max Jewelry Line

While preparing her application for the West Woods Nature Arts Festival, local artist Michelle Smith of Cat’s Eye Creations, was brainstorming for nature related critters that she could create to submit along with her application. A raccoon quickly came to mind, thinking of the Geauga County Tourism’s ‘Ambassador of Fun’, Maple Max. Smith contacted Lynda Nemeth, Geauga County Tourism Director, to present a joint opportunity of creating and marketing the Maple Max jewelry line. It was presented and approved by the Geauga County Tourism Board of Directors.

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Geauga County Tourism

Geauga County Tourism…Who Knew?

Who knew that in 2009, $165.8 million in total revenue was generated by visitor spending in Geauga County, $11 million in State & Local taxes were generated, and over 3,251 jobs were supported by Tourism; bottom line… Tourism is a Revenue Generator.