Make sure you have a good map and GPS!

Baja Part IV

In my last series on “How to get lost in Baja…or, who packed the pesos”, I talked about important documentation that you will need when crossing the border, having the right amount of money, and making sure your vehicles are in order.In this series, I plan to uncover what to do once you get to Baja, how to communicate with the locals, and what if something goes wrong.

Baja Part 3

Baja Part III

As I prepare for my third trip to Baja, I realize that some of the planning and details that seemed so complicated the first time, are not really causing me any stress at all this time.

Baja Part II

Today we bring you Baja part two of three and in two days Matt and Meredith leave to make the drive cross country for Matt’s third (and Meredith’s second) trip to Baja. Read how you can track them live starting February 9th.

Matthew Mesarchik, rider, traveler, food nut, based in Middlefield ohio.


If you have a passion in life, sports fan, history buff, pizza fanatic, whatever it is that you go crazy for, there is likely a “must do” trip or event you dream of. Soccer fans have to do the World Cup, golfer’s dream of teeing off at Saint Andrews. For a certain type of motorcycle rider, and most any off road enthusiast, there is Baja California, Mexico.