Notre Dame Elementary and Middle School News

Jesse Trees 


The third grade started off Advent by making Jesse Trees. Just like our Christmas tree, the Jesse tree has decorations. But instead of having stars and lights on it, it has promises that God made to us and to His people. The tree is named after Jesse, the father of David, the great king of Israel. 


Spirit of Service, Community and Christmas 



The NDMS Student Council recently partnered with The Carter Nedley Foundation to collect toys for children battling cancer at the Cleveland Clinic. With the kindness and help from our 6-8th grade students we collected 280 gifts! The spirit of service, community, and Christmas was truly felt while wrapping the presents this past week. Thank you to all who donated and helped make these children feel loved during the holiday season. 


Learning to Measure and Estimate 


Students in second grade were estimating and measuring the length of different objects around the room including a chair, desk, large book, and a shelf using nonstandard units (square tiles). They demonstrated the use of precision, strategically using appropriate tools, and measuring to the nearest whole unit!  


M&M Sorting and Graphing 


Second graders in Mrs. Montague’s class are learning all about recording and interpreting data! In order to sprinkle in a bit of fun, they sorted and graphed M&M’s! Students learned how to read their graphs and understand their results. They were also able to do partner work and tried to solve questions on other students’ graphs! What a “sweet” way to meet our Measurement and Data Ohio state-standard!   

Christmas Boutique 


Thanks to Alaura DePaul and Halle Worley for chairing the Christmas Boutique. Thanks to all the moms and dads who shopped all year to make this such a special experience for our students! Thanks to the Sisters of Notre Dame for the use of the auditorium. 


It was heartwarming to watch the middle school students help our younger students shop. I saw one eighth-grade student giving his younger shopper some money because the younger student didn’t have enough money to buy all his presents. I also saw another eighth-grade student deliver a gift to her younger shopping partner after she had her shopping time. Our core value of community was seen throughout the day. 



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