Do I Need a Bookkeeper or a CPA?

Start ups or existing owners that have no accounting or bookkeeping experience commonly find themselves asking the question “Do I need a bookkeeper or a CPA?”.  Though I am flattered to be called an “Accountant” at times, I think most of the CPAs I work with would not want to perform my duties anymore than … Read more

What About Money? Part 1

While I sat here attempting to write an article on appropriate money management for individuals, I began to think about several things which I believe you will find interesting. First off, why reinvent the wheel when it comes to financial advice? Isn’t all basic financial information available to anyone, at any time, in any location … Read more

House Rules

As a mother raising 7 kids I remember trying to put together a list of house rules that would be short enough to memorize yet broad enough to cover the important things, including: maintaining order, teaching self discipline, and treating each other kindly. It could have easily been a list of 20 things, but I … Read more

Is the Snow Here to Stay?

Since I’m in Burton and Middlefield today I can report that we are finally getting enough snow to cover the grass and it’s cold enough that the mud is starting to freeze, which makes me very happy!  I wonder if the snow is here to stay, or if it’s just another teaser.  Maybe we’ll have … Read more