Matthew Mesarchik, rider, traveler, food nut, based in Middlefield ohio.

If you have a passion in life, sports fan, history buff, pizza fanatic, whatever it is that you go crazy for, there is likely a “must do” trip or event you dream of. Soccer fans have to do the World Cup, golfer’s dream of teeing off at Saint Andrews. For a certain type of motorcycle rider, and most any off road enthusiast, there is Baja California, Mexico.

What About Money? Part II

What About Money? Part II

Welcome back, reader! To review what we discussed in Part I, click HERE. In this part of the discussion, I would like to take a more in-depth look at one particular element of the previous discussion: “Money is a fabulous effect of a good process and good risk, but cannot, and should not, be the … Read more

Saturday Morning Shuffle #4

The Saturday Morning Shuffle

Welcome to week #4 of the Saturday Morning Shuffle! If you need to know the rules, just check out Saturday Morning Shuffle #1.  Here we go, get your guess in! If you need help – don’t forget you can share this post on your Facebook wall, or email it to your friends and ask them … Read more

Punderson Classic Dog Sled Races

Don Pizmoht and his 6 dog team

If we can stack a couple of the snow storms we’ve had back to back before the middle of February, then conditions will be ideal for mushers and their sled dog teams to compete during the annual Punderson Classic Sled Dog Race at Punderson State Park on February 25 and 26.