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Every so often, we all love to feel like a kid again. No matter what we do in our adult lives, we never forget the magic of childhood. We relished the sneaking suspicion that anything could happen and the belief that we could become anything we wanted to — whether that was a princess, a superhero or even a monster. Of course as we grow up, that feeling fades a bit. We learn how the world works and we lose some of that magic. Luckily, that feeling can be revived any time, simply by walking through the doors of Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic.

Perfect Occasion acts as a time machine, bringing us back to the exciting times where we could take on new identities as we put on costumes for Halloween, a masquerade party or possibly even acting in a play. The shop also takes you into a world of magic — of course it’s sleight of hand and a variety of tricks, but who among us doesn’t want to put aside our disbelief for a moment so that we can be astonished and amazed?

Owners Debra and Mark Miller believe in the magic that their store brings to downtown Middlefield and far beyond. In fact, they draw customers from all over Northeast Ohio. When you get to know them you’ll see that the flair for drama and theatricality isn’t just about Perfect Occasion — it’s their life.

Since 1992 Mark has practiced sleight of hand and card magic, but he has more to offer than technical proficiency and skill with his hands. He’s a natural performer that draws audiences in with his quick wit and charming personality. He started while in the Navy, and as his military service took him around the globe, he honed his craft performing in places like France, Spain, Italy, Japan and throughout the US. He still loves to perform and also devotes time to teaching magic to others as well.

Debra shares the natural showmanship of her husband, performing as the clown Spitunia since 1980, and bringing a multitude of talents with her wherever she goes. In addition to clowning, she’s accomplished at costume design, face and body painting, traditional makeup application, party planning and theater. She also directs a traveling puppet troupe, and transforms individuals into extraordinary creatures and characters with special effects makeup application. Most importantly, she’s a storyteller — both in character and out — and loves making every tale come to life.

With the skills and experience that the Millers bring to their store, it’s no wonder that walking through the door feels so magical. Perfect Occasion isn’t a pop-up costume shop that opens in October every year. While they certainly have everything you can want for Halloween it has much, much more than just that. Instead, it’s an Adventure all year round in the Millers’ store. As well as a bit of Christmas, April Fools Day, New Years Eve and every patron’s birthday. Part of that is the inventory — realistic, theater quality costumes, magic tricks, pranks and gags, novelties and much more — but also the fun that comes with those things. It pervades the store, almost billowing out the doors like smoke from a magic trick, spilling out into downtown and bringing smiles to the community.

The fun at Perfect Occasion isn’t locked in the store either. Like the best magic, it travels well. Debra and Mark can bring entertainment to any event, and the variety of amusements they have at their disposal is almost magical itself. While you already know about Mark’s stage magic and Debra’s clowning and face painting, they can provide just about everything you need for the best party you’ve ever had — close up magic, DJs and vocalists, balloon artists, costume characters (think Santa or super heroes), bartenders, and more.

But Mark and Debra don’t want to play their cards close to the chest, instead preferring to share what they know with others. If you’ve ever wanted to learn magic, Perfect Occasion has private magic lessons. They also offer private face painting lessons, and will gladly demonstrate, teach, share tips and tricks and answer questions for groups as well. They give magic demos, lead make up application classes, and even work with schools when they need costumes for plays and musicals.

I’m sure it’s clear by now that Perfect Occasion is more than a run-of-the-mill costume shop — but that doesn’t mean that costuming isn’t one of their specialties. They just do it better than most! They have plenty of costumes (over 25,000!) that you would expect, for rent or for purchase. You’re welcome to try them on to see if how they fit and if you like them, but Debra can also do alterations if necessary or repair just about anything costume related.

Perfect Occasion stocks an incredible variety of costumes, wigs, hats and accessories, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, they’ll try their best to find it for you. If you have something specific in mind and they don’t have it or can’t special order it, don’t count them out yet. Chances are Debra can make it for you! If you need something designed, created, sewn or painted she has you covered. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that actual superheroes had their costumes created at Perfect Occasion.

For those of you saying, “superheroes aren’t real,” I understand where you’re coming from. After a visit to Perfect Occasion however, you might change your tune. Not just because they’ve got everything a costumed crime fighter would need to protect their secret identity, but also because of the integrity and values that Debra and Mark share with the community — helping others, sharing what they’ve learned and going above and beyond the call of duty. If villains are more your thing however, they’ll be more than happy to get you a scary latex mask to look the part.

Whether an accountant, cook, teacher or student you can become anything you want when you visit Perfect Occasion Costumes & Magic. The possibilities are endless. It’s fun to see how easy it becomes to morph into an entirely different character simply with a change into a very realistic costume – and imagination. No longer do you need to ask “What do I want to be when I grow up?” How about a swashbuckler this month, a Doctor next and Belly Dancer for the party after that? Kids and adults of all ages enjoy exploring all that Perfect Occasion offers – no matter how “grown up” they’ve become. Visitors come from near and far to Downtown Middlefield where they find an open door to childhood, that they’re welcome to walk through five days a week.

Mark and Debra have embraced their love of showmanship and theatricality and built an incredible business around it. While on the surface, this business seems to deal in costumes and magic tricks, it actually offers so much more. Perfect Occasion provides opportunities. The opportunity to let your imagination run wild. To master magic yourself. To become a hero, a villain, a princess or a monster. Debra and Mark aren’t just selling costumes — they’re sharing creativity with the community — which is all the better for it.

Ask yourself, “Do I believe in magic?” Not stage magic or card tricks, as wonderful as they are, but rather the magic of feeling like a kid again. Would you like to feel as though anything — and everything — is possible? Or would you like to become someone, or something, else for a day or two? If you answer yes, I’ve got good news for you. Magic is real, you can feel like a kid again, anything is possible, and you can be whoever you want. Drop in, look around and you’ll get a ton of ideas for the next event you attend or host.

Visit Mark and Debra at Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic, and embrace the magic of fun.

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