Punderson Manor Lodge is Hiring

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Punderson Manor Join our TeamPart Time

  • Bartenders
  • Dining Room Server

Full Time

  • Line Cook

Punderson Manor Lodge is located in the natural splendor of Punderson State Park in Newbury Ohio. The Lodge features 31 guestrooms in the lodge and 26 two bedroom cottages along with 4 meeting rooms featuring views of Punderson Lake. Our calm working environment and a unique selling opportunity makes this the perfect job for you.

We believe that our staff is our most valuable resource. That’s a pretty big statement when you consider some of the natural resources surrounding our properties, but we mean it. Without the talent and commitment from each and every employee, we could not create those special unforgettable memories for our guests, and when you have achieved that, there is not a better feeling!

We offer both seasonal and year-round employment, which makes us a great company for a year or a career!

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