Sirna’s Farm & Market

19009 Ravenna Rd. (State Route 44)
Auburn, Oh 44023
Phone or Fax: (440) 834-0696

About Sirnas Farm & Market

Purchasing our home and farm property in 1997 from a developer, our intentions were to keep the property as it had been for the past century. Farmland. It had not been worked in years and we just wanted to enjoy it. With the help of the OSU extension, attending classes and participating in the Master Garden program we started what was to be our Hobby farm.
Without the help of my wife and children none of these things would have been possible. We have grown, not only in size, but in many ways. We have learned a lot along this path and we have a greater respect for the farmer, the land and what they do for all of us.


Open Tuesday – Sunday, 11-6pm
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