Super Bowl Sunday


It’s Super Bowl weekend – the most popular TV event of the year! Here are some fun facts you may not know to impress your friends with and help you look good on game day!

~Only about 20% of the crowd attending the game are NOT corporate sponsors of the NFL and of the Super Bowl.

~One out of every 12 people watching the game only does so to see the commercials!

~The first four Super Bowls were called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game” and you could buy tickets for – ready for this?? $6.00!! Take a guess at how much they are now!

~ The Super Bowl seems to give antacid companies a big boost the day after the game – like a 20% boost in sales! Perhaps you should create a new product as a second income and market it: “Interception Antacid” – reduces the penalty for breaking all healthy eating rules.

~ 6% of folks who watched the Big Game will NOT go to work on Monday. It’s that acid thing again.

~ Pizza anyone? The top pizza sales day is on Super Bowl Sunday. Last year, Pizza Hut and Domino’s sold 3.2 million pizzas combined. Papa John’s sold more than 1 million pizzas.

~ Want to advertise on game day? Easy – just shell out $3 million and you’ll get a whoppin’ 30 seconds to do your thing!

~ Still curious about attending? What do those tickets run nowadays? How about anywhere between $2000 (probably right behind a pole in a remote corner) and $10,000! I could attend the grocery store once a week over 200 times at that price! Of course, if you would like to invite 13 friends, you can REALLY live it up in a loge for $100,000!

Where will YOU watch the Super Bowl? Who will win? Any recommendations for food? And…tell the truth now: Are you staying home from work on Monday? Let us know in the comments below!

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