Sweet Strawberries at Last

Sweet Strawberries at Last!

Strawberry Picking
Strawberry Picking

When the first red ripe strawberries appear in their sweet splendor, the folks at Ridgeview Farm are very busy.

“Strawberries are ready for eating almost two weeks earlier than last year! Prime strawberry picking will be June 4 – June 20. We will have pre-picked strawberries available in our farm market Monday through Saturday from 9a.m. until 6 p.m.,” said Steve Grover from Ridgeview Farm.

The farm is located in Mesopotamia Township at 5488 Kinsman Rd. (State Route 87), on top of “Mespo Hill”. Fields are open to the general public for pick-your-own beginning June 4. The fields are open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon. Farmer Steve encourages customers to phone the farm at 440-693-4000 or visit Ridgeview Farm to get the most up-to-date picking forecast.

Ridgeview Farm’s strawberries are plentiful this year, and we urge our customers to eat them by the handful! Strawberries are good sources of Vitamin C and fiber, according to nutrition specialists at Ohio State University Extension. “Picking strawberries is a great family activity that is low cost. We believe this summer consumers are looking for inexpensive experiences closer to home. The customer that wants to pick their own strawberries will save over $1.00 a quart. Ridgeview Farm is close to families in Trumbull, Cuyahoga, Geauga and Ashtabula Counties,” explains Grover.

Strawberry Picking at Ridgeview Farms

Grover’s had a rough start this spring. The farm experienced many hard frosts in May. Ridgeview Farm uses overhead water irrigation so that the frost will not “settle in” on the berries and burn the flowers. “Steve was up several nights to protect the strawberry flowers. Overhead irrigation is a must for the commercial strawberry grower. If a patch experiences a hard frost, it could burn up to 35 percent of the total crop, so we think the sleepless nights were worth it,” explains Sharon Grover.

Sweeter, fresher, juicier – so makes the mark of a good strawberry!

“We pick our strawberries fresh at the peak of sweetness and sell them to our customers the same day,” says Grover.

The farm invites parents to bring their children out to the farm. The Grover’s encourage parents to teach their children how to pick the sweetest berries.

The farm is located on SR 87 in Mesopotamia, 3.5 miles east of Middlefield or 7.5 West of SR 45 in Bloomfield. For a photo opportunity of Ridgeview Farm or other information, call Sharon Grover at 440-693-4000.

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