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Join us at Observatory Park anytime from sunset on Saturday, Dec.12, to sunrise on Sunday, Dec. 13, for a chance to see winter’s shooting stars: the Geminid Meteor Shower – complete with a cocoa break in the warmth and comfort of the Robert McCullough Science Center!

No formal program will be held, but Astronomy Naturalist “Astro-Nat” Chris Mentrek will be on hand between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. to answer questions and point out other interesting objects in the winter sky.

“This is my favorite meteor shower,” said Astro-Nat Chris. “It offers all the spectacle of August’s Perseid meteor shower, but with the benefit of a much longer night! By 7 p.m., the sky will be dark enough for us to spot shooting stars, and there should be plenty of them. Observers of past Geminid meteor showers have tallied more than 100 meteors per hour!

Chris explained, “As an added, mind-boggling bonus, this meteor shower comes about because the Earth wafts through the cloud of debris left by a mysterious object called Phaethon, a three-mile-wide chunk of enigma that seems to be neither asteroid nor comet!”

Please dress for the weather – and speaking of weather, a chart of the skies over our region’s only International Dark Sky Park can always be found , under the “Dark Sky Park” tab.

Overnight activities will all be wheelchair/stroller accessible. Call 440-286-9516 with questions.

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