Teen Farmers See Peppers Turned Into Branded Hot Sauce and it’s Now on Sale!

A hot sauce made with four kinds of peppers grown by teens in Club Crops, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland farm program, is now for sale at the Broadway Club, 6114 Broadway Ave., Cleveland.

Local Hotness, the BGCC-branded sauce, was made in partnership with Lyndhurst-based Pope’s Kitchen. It includes four different types of hot peppers grown and harvested by teens in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland farm program: jalapeno, cayenne, serrano and habanero.

The sauce, which is $6 a bottle, is currently for sale at the Club from 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Farm manager Hannah Bidigare-Curtis said she hopes to soon start selling the sauce in local stores. “This is such a valuable experience for the teens,” Bidigare-Curtis said. “Seeing something they’ve grown made into a new purchasable product adds a whole other layer to the farm program. It also helps extend our program by giving us a shelf-stable product to sell throughout the winter. We absolutely love our partnership with Pope’s Kitchen, and we hope to soon partner with other local businesses to create a variety of Club Crops products.”

Teens in the farm program are excited about the partnership. “When Pope’s and Club Crops get together, magic happens,” said Keyonte Kern, a Club Crops worker. “Some hot sauce is hot, some hot sauce is spicy, but our hot sauce is blazin.” Nieasia Wagner added, “Hot sauce made by us feels great. We’re basically famous.”

This the second year in which BGCC collaborated with Pope’s Kitchen to make hot sauce. Club Crops is one of the largest Boys & Girls Club horticulture operations in the country. Each spring, approximately 10 teens are hired to work at the farm. They also learn marketing and entrepreneurship skills by selling produce throughout the summer and fall at area farmers markets.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland provides safe, fun places for kids ages 6-18 after school. Each day, approximately 1,000 kids go to a Club. Clubs focus on academic success, healthy lifestyles and character development.

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