The 5 Best Food Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

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Sometimes making and preparing your food can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. But, there’s nothing that a food lover wouldn’t do to make his meals perfect. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to make your food and kitchen prep much easier! To help you out, we’ve picked our top five favorite food hacks from Huffington Post.

1. Use Floss to Cut Cake and Cheese

Sometimes there’s never a clean knife around. Or, you want to try and cut your cake, cheese, and other baked goods without totally butchering it. A good way to get a nice, clean cut is by using dental floss! Dental floss is durable enough to break up food in your teeth, so it is no wonder that it can cut through certain foods. Also, the flexibility and length makes it easier to cut foods evenly.

2. Crumb Shakers

Whether it’s Oreos, Doritos, Corn Flakes, or Captain Crunch – your favorite crunchy foods can add the perfect zest to any recipe or dessert. A way to make it easier is to crunch those favorite ingredients of yours ahead of time and put them into salt shakers. Not only is it a nifty storage idea, but you’ll have an easier time sprinkling Oreo crumbs onto your ice cream. Yum!

3. Keep Cake From Going Stale

Did you know that there’s an easy way to keep the cake from going stale? Sure, you can put plastic wrap and toothpicks in your cake. But, to keep it extra fresh, you can also use bread and toothpicks. Put a fresh piece of bread on the sides of that cake that are exposed, and then use toothpicks to keep them in place. The bread will get stale, but the cake won’t!

4. Salt and Cinnamon on Oven Bottoms

Don’t you hate when you spill onto the oven floor? The smell is the worst! The next time that you cook something in the oven, sprinkle salt and cinnamon on the bottom. That way, when the old food is burning up on the bottom, your kitchen will smell like deliciousness instead of burnt food.

5. Tupperware Lids to Cut Produce

For some people, cutting fruits and vegetables is the hardest thing about cooking. There is no easy way to get an even, steady cut, and there’s bound to be a nicked finger somewhere. But, by using Tupperware lids to keep fruit safely in one place without squishing it, you can easily cut your produce with no nicked fingers!

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