The Geauga News Community Rules

As a part of our mission we are passionate about providing positive local news and we work hard to adhere to the following standards. We ask that our community of users to do the same.

1. Speak No Evil

We at Geauga News work hard to share only positive news and information with you through our posts, ads, Facebook wall and Twitter.

We will moderate and remove any items, or block such persons; that involve negative topics or comments. We understand that there are negative aspects of news that occur in the world in which we live, but we ask that you rely on other sources to report that information. Please keep any negative communication off of our digital landscape.

2. Respect Our Feed

The Geauga News team, along with our community advertisers, have invested not only financially, but exhausted many hours of time promoting our wonderful Geauga County in the utmost positive way that we can. Because of this, we ask that you treat us in the same way by not posting any negative news and comments on our feeds.

If you have something you think will benefit the community, simply contact us and let us know! We are always happy to include positive local news when it fits our parameters and content publishing schedule.

3. Show Kindness and Respect to Others

We at Geauga News are a team of local residents and business owners who have worked hard on this publication. We are very excited to continue in a positive direction as we continue to expand and grow.

As we continue to grow, we understand there is a chance that community individuals may disagree or dislike either a member of our team or the content we provide. Bearing this in mind, we still ask that you show the same kindness and respect that you would like to have given to you in return.

The Golden Rules states “treat others as you would like to be treated”…Short and sweet!