The Impact of a Godly Mother

When I think of the impact a mother can have on her family, I am often reminded of Sarah Edwards. You probably did not learn about her in your history class in high school. But you probably have heard of her husband, the famous Puritan preacher and theologian, Jonathan Edwards. Behind this great man of faith stood a godly wife and influential mother to his children.

In 1900, a man by the name of A. E. Winship studied the historical family tree of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards. In his research, he tracked down 1,400 descendants of their marital union. His results were astonishing. From the marriage of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards came . . .

300 pastors or missionaries; 120 college professors; 110 lawyers; over 60 physicians; over 60 authors; 30 judges; 14 university presidents; 80 holders of major public office; 3 mayors of large cities; 3 state governors; 3 U. S. Senators; 1 chaplain of the U. S. Senate; 1 controller of the U. S. Treasury; and 1 Vice President of the United States.

At the conclusion of his study, he remarked, “Much of the capacity and talent, intensity, and character of the more than 1,400 of the Edward family is due to Mrs. Edwards.” Wow! I wonder if there has ever been a woman who has had a greater influence on a country than Sarah Edwards. And the way she influenced her country was being a mom!

Today is Mother’s Day. It is a day to rejoice over motherhood. It is a day to be thankful for your moms. But unfortunately, it is also a day that reminds me that motherhood is under attack. Not too long ago, young girls grew up longing to be a mother. That God-given instinct in them goes back to creation when God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. Even after sin enters the world, we see Eve rejoicing over the gift of her baby boy. There is nothing more challenging and glorified in this world than a mother caring for her children.

Women, there are many things in this world that you are great at doing. Some of you are incredible writers. Some of you are remarkable entrepreneurs. Some of you are athletes; others creative in the arts; and still others are amazing organizers.

But can I encourage you there is one thing that you can do for our society that nobody else can do? There is one job you can do that nobody else in the world is gifted to do. You can be a mom to your children. And they need you. Whatever else you choose to do in life, I beg you to not let it interfere with your calling to be a mom to the children God has given you.

You may never be famous. You may never have thousands of twitter followers. Your name may never attract crowds at a banquet. But you can influence our nation by following in the steps of Sarah Edwards. Be a mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Author: Geauga News