The Metzenbaum Center Special Olympics Night at the Captains Game!

On Saturday, July 20, The Metzenbaum Special Olympics attended the Lake County Captains baseball game. It is the twelfth year The Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities has organized this extraordinary event. Over 130 individuals and their families attended. Every year, the Captains give them excellent treatment and a parade or some other fun activity.

Captains Game

This year was even more special for one athlete. Jen Gerber was selected to sing the National Anthem before the game. She did an amazing job! In fact, long after she was done singing and back in her seat, she kept receiving compliments. People all evening long were congratulating her and commenting on what a great job she did. Jen went to open-auditions back in February at Great Lakes Mall. She was picked to sing, and the Captains chose the Special Olympics game for her to perform at!

The Metzenbaum Center was also given the honor of throwing out the first pitch. Wayne Randall, Jr., who is only nine years-old, represented Special Olympics. His father died suddenly earlier this year, so this was something positive for him to focus on. His throw to the catcher was great! He even got to keep the ball and a Captains player handed it to him personally.

It was an exciting night for The Metzenbaum Center Special Olympics!

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