The Verification Cat

We all get them….if you are on the computer at all…those crazy senseless words that we must type in to verify that we are homo sapiens and not bots! Have you ever wondered if they were really words?

“I have a tuna UBOLOWLE; what kind do you have?” 

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Did a human create them or (heaven forbid) are they computer generated? You need look no further! The Verification Cat (TVC) has got the definitions you so desperately seek but can’t find anywhere else! For instance….are you needing to paint the house this summer? Then you need a “kavit”! Or perhaps you are interested in pursuing a new and original sport. Try “paddlypatting”. Maybe you are star struck because you saw such a ‘”tarth” dude the other day. TVC has just begun! He will be bringing more and more enlightenment through is illustrations and definitions on ACEOs (miniature art works) as he PURRuses the internet!

Perhaps you have a word you want defined. Just send it over! TVC has all the answers!
So take your time and visit…but not for too long, otherwise you might get “abluxes”!

TVC >”<

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