True ‘Tails’ Revealed: the Secret Life of a Mortgage Loan Officer

You can tell a lot about a person by finding out how they spend their time when they aren’t obligated to fulfill any responsibilities; when someone isn’t telling them the day’s schedule, giving them deadlines, or otherwise making decisions for them.

When time is truly and completely your own – how do you spend it?

Those choices, which you own entirely, speak loud and clear about what is important to you and what kind of character you really possess.

One of the best things about living in Geauga County is the quality of people who reside here and own businesses here. They are genuinely good people – hard working individuals who not only talk the talk – but walk the walk. One of these genuine ‘walkers’ is Valerie Stefancin, Mortgage Consultant with Schmidt Mortgage Company.

A number of years ago, Valerie tried to purchase her first home. As a dog lover, she wanted to buy a home so she could have her own pets. If you rent, you know how difficult it is to find a suitable place in a family-friendly neighborhood where pets are allowed. Unfortunately for her, that buying experience was not a pleasant one. But fortunately for you, it was a case of bitter-turned-sweet, as that is the reason she has now been in the mortgage loan business for over 27 years!

Valerie - Schmidt Mortgage

“I give back to my community with every opportunity available. My two pets, Bryce, a yellow lab, and Macie, a terrier mix, do too.”

Being a pet owner is a huge part of Valerie’s life, and ever since buying that first home, she has had two dogs. These fur friends aren’t just for her enjoyment in her Russell Township home; she shares them! “I give back to my community with every opportunity available. My two pets, Bryce, a yellow lab, and Macie, a terrier mix, do too. They are certified therapy dogs and we visit rehab patients, work with autistic and learning disabled children, visit nursing homes and assisted living homes, and participate in area library reading programs,” shares Valerie. It started with Chase, her true companion and devoted yellow lab for seven years. He was a natural comforter and people lover. At one year old, he became a certified therapy dog, and the two of them as a team brightened the days of hundreds of people over the next six years. “We went everywhere together. I had no idea he had touched so many lives until he passed away in December of 2009. I received 80 sympathy cards and 45 emails!” Many donated to Rescue Village where she volunteers to honor his memory. Needless to say, his parting was a difficult one. But now Bryce and Macie are out and about doing the same work – serving the community with their ‘mom’!

“Communication and educating on the overall process is essential to what I do,” says Valerie.

When you choose Valerie as your mortgage loan consultant, you’re not getting a talker – you’re getting someone who believes in – and practices – serving others and who will work on your behalf to help make your experience of owning a home as pleasant and positive as it can be. “Communication and educating on the overall process is essential to what I do,” says Valerie. “ I had none of that when purchasing my first home which made it a very frustrating experience.”

Your initial meeting with her will set her apart from the rest. Her non-intimidating, personal, casual manner will put your mind at ease and her expertise will carry you all the way into a home that is a perfect fit for you and your budget. As your mortgage consultant, Valerie is committed to:

  •  answering all your questions on home financing and qualifying,
  • explaining in detail the various mortgage programs available to you,
  • helping you select the most comfortable and beneficial financing program for your needs, and
  • ensuring a smooth, problem-free mortgage experience.

When I asked about her perspective of the current housing market, she replied, “The window of opportunity is closing. If you can do something – do so now before the end of the year. Interest rates will start to go up, inventory will start decreasing, and the good buys will be going by the wayside. Many, many homes are getting multiple offers as confidence is coming back now.”

”I was able to buy my home that I could not afford with another mortgage company. Valerie was attentive, answered all of my questions and explained everything in detail.”
Marsha Jones, Buyer, Euclid, Ohio

”I really like working with you. You are very upfront and honest. That’s why I come back and tell people about you.”
Sharon Murphy, Refinance Client 

Valerie wants to make home ownership possible for whatever reasons you may have – to raise a family, to farm, to create your own personal castle – or just to be able to have a few furry companions to help transform a mere house into the place you call “my home.”

Valerie Stefancin

Valerie R. Stefancin
Mortgage Loan Officer/Reverse Mortgage Specialist
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