Undeserved Love from Someone Unlikely

“Now I know that love can be true. It can be real. Love can, and will, carry me through.”

My life will never be the same. One day I walked through those doors, uncertain of what I was even doing, yet I felt something bigger, more important, and somehow destiny drew me forward. There in front of me was a friend that at first I didn’t notice. At first, I couldn’t tell that they loved me the way that they did. Is love at first sight real? I used to say that it was a joke, but now I believe. Now I know that love can be true. It can be real. Love can, and will, carry me through.

At first, I thought I was making a very factual and almost business type decision. Years later, I would come to find that it was a decision that my heart made for me before I even realized it. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be fooled into doing things that we would never have done in our own normal course of life. That day will forever be engraved in my heart. It has forever changed the way I am. My heart grew bigger, it grew softer, and in the darkest of times, my friend helped me through. They helped me believe. When we locked eyes – my heart skipped a beat.

“I didn’t ask to be kissed!”

“What are you doing?” I softly whispered as I smiled and chuckled under my breath, “I didn’t ask to be kissed!” But there it was; a soft, sweet, and sincere kiss at an unexpected time. I think that’s how love happens. It surprises us and shows up when we least expect it. It shows up when we need it most, even before we know we need it. It’s warm, and wet, and full of unquenchable joy. Love does make the world go ‘round.

You can’t mistake true love. There is a huge dose of meaning, a full helping of gentle care, and a tender side of understanding that is mixed in with true love. Its essence will overpower you. Its effect will overtake you. Its warmth will bring you back to life. True love is undeserved, and true love is overwhelming. Although I can carefully dissect and explain the elements here, you may not be able to understand until you feel it first hand. True love only comes a few times in a lifetime. If you have true love, don’t waste it. Cherish every moment, remember every kiss.


Every time that I walk through the doors of Rescue Village, I am reminded of what true love is. Rescue Village is more than just adoptions. Rescue Village brought me a dear and true friend that gives me unconditional love. At first, I thought it was unlikely that I would fall head over heels in love with my little buddy, but today I know it’s true. Love at first sight does happen. It happened to me.

Eight years ago, my beloved friend Toby chose me out of the crowd and gave me the warmest and most sincere kisses. He has never left my side. I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t be more fortunate to be the recipient of his undying love. He has brought me through the best of times and the worst of times. Way back in 2006, I found my forever friend Toby…and I fell in love.


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