Used Dryer Sheets – What Can You REuse Them For?

Before you throw out those used dryer sheets, take a look at these money saving tips. The first thing you can do to save 50% on the cost is to cut them in half before you use them. Half of a dryer sheet will work just as effectively as a full one, and the box will last twice as long.

Here is a list of things you can do with a used dryer sheet:

Gym bag or diaper bag deodorizer – toss in a couple sheets to help keep your bag smelling fresh

Cleaning up dry spills – dryer sheets seem to attract things like flour, sawdust, or other fine materials to make cleaning up a spill a little easier

Keeping fresh in storage – put a few sheets in a sleeping bag or a tent before you store them away.

Shoe freshener – insert a sheet into those stinky shoes after you wear them to help reduce the smell

shoe freshener

Thread detangler – run the needle and thread through a used dryer sheet to keep the thread from tangling or getting tied up in knots

Static stopper – Wipe a sheet over your clothes or even your hair to remove the static

static stopper

As a swiffer – attach dryer sheets to a Swiffer Sweeper to remove dust from your floors

Trash can freshener – place some sheets in the bottom of your trash can

Soap scum buster – simply put a few drops of water onto the dryer sheet and you should be able to easily rub away all the soap scum with little effort

scum buster

Pet hair remover – simply rub a dryer sheet across your clothes or furniture that have pet hair on them

Loosen stuck-on food – fill your pot/pan that has stuck-on food with warm water. Drop in a used sheet and let it sit overnight. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the pot/pan before use.

removing stuck on food

Dusting your blinds – due to their anti-static property, your blinds should remain cleaner longer after dusting them with used dryer sheets.

Bugs on your windshield – simply put a few drops of water onto the dryer sheet and you can scrub all those dead bugs away with little effort.

Closet and drawer sachet – place the used sheets in your closet and drawers and your clothes will keep that fresh-out-of-the-dryer smell(new sheets can be used for this as well).

drawer freshener

New car smell – place a few sheets under the seats in your vehicle for that new car smell.

Dashboard cleaner – you can also keep them in your car to wipe your dashboard clean.

Repel insects and other pests – bees and mosquitoes will steer clear of you if you keep a dryer sheet in your pocket, tied around your belt loop, or even clipped in your hair. Do not rub directly on your skin. Also, place used sheets in areas that you want to keep mice, or other rodents out of. You can use them in areas where spiders tend to nest to keep them out too.


Cleaning gum out of the dryer – get the sheet wet and scrub the inside walls of your dryer to remove gum. (I admit to needing this one on several occasions and it works well)

Reducing old musty smell – place a sheet and whatever smells musty (old books, magazines, etc) into a sealed bag for a few days.

Check out this site for more helpful tips for reusing dryer sheets.

Also, take a look at this Google Images search for more ideas, including various art projects.

Let me know if any of these things worked for you or if you have discovered any other uses for dryer sheets by leaving comment a below.

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