Women Over 30 on a Journey to AMAZING!

The same story gets played over and over.  Goals are made, priorities are set, but somehow the craziness of juggling career, family, life in general distracts us and things get off-kilter.  In trying to be our best selves in our professional and personal lives one thing…THE ONE THING that is necessary to perform at a high level in every area of our life gets neglected.  That one thing is our health.  

You’ve seen it happen to others and maybe lived it yourself.  While focusing on getting the job done and taking care of the kids time kept passing and sadly may have been taking its toll. Many think it’s inevitable that as we get older we have to accept feeling not as strong, not as energetic, and having a few (or more) pounds added to your frame.  Fortunately this is not the case.  

It is very possible to get healthier and more fit in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.  We can feel better, sleep better, get rid of nagging ailments, regain energy and mental clarity, be stronger, etc. which positively impacts every area of our lives.

Surprisingly (and thankfully!) this doesn’t take hours in the gym each day or require you to eat “yucky” health food.  What it does take is proper guidance, tailored for you and your specific needs. Luckily, this guidance is available right in our local area.

Colleen Holiday of Holiday Studios in Chesterland, OH is a personal training veteran and fitness model that has been helping her clients to rediscover their healthy and fit selves for over 27 years.  She has the experience to know which methods work best for each individual and teaches them how to train themselves so they can take control of their health more effectively.

Definitely not the trainer who just carries a water bottle and counts reps, Colleen aims to change the personal training service business. She believes making a serious transformation is not limited to the gym; it’s a project that starts from the inside and extends outward. And, she believes that it can be a blast. 

There’s nothing like re-inventing yourself, and there’s nothing like feeling awesome at any age. While Colleen works with people of all ages, her passion lies with training the female client age 30 and up.

In-Studio Training

Colleen helps her female clients to attain their fitness goals in her private, members only  studio created for women only–a studio inspired by the need for strength, flexibility and mindfulness in every woman’s life.  This environment supports Colleen’s “MIND • BODY • FUSION” approach to complete fitness, which combined with amenities such as essential oils, spring water and towels makes their workout the best part of her clients day.

Boot Camps

Sometimes it’s best to shake things up a bit and get outside.  Colleen’s Boot Camps are an awesome way to increase your fitness level and have fun in the outdoors, but the real reason why boot-camp-style training is so popular is because it gets results fast. If you lay it all out on the line during one of these sessions, you are bound to burn at least 500 calories by your last rep–not to mention the additional hundreds of calories you’ll burn afterwards because of the full-body strength and conditioning workout you’ll go through. These classes include a program of various exercises such as sprinting, body weight exercises and calisthenics. Personalization always remains key to getting the best possible results for clients, so bootcamp programs are also modified to fit individual fitness goals and fitness level. 

Residential Training

For those who are unable to get the studio or Boot camps Colleen also offers Residential Training.  That’s right. No excuses. She’ll come to you. Enjoy the privacy of training in your own home with a personalized fitness program,  utilizing weight training, cardio and functional training to bring forward the best version of you. This program includes a consultation and complete assessment of your current fitness regimen as well as coaching in nutrition combined with all the support you need.

Nutritition Coaching

Remember I said above that you can attain these great results without “yucky” health food?  Colleen shows you how through eating REAL food that will have your taste buds singing. She will show you how plant-based and whole foods are the basis for great health and weight loss and how you can incorporate them into your life.  She’ll also answer your questions like:  

  • What the over-30 individual–can learn about plant-based nutrition in just 30 minutes?
  • Which foods inhibit and promote thyroid, testosterone and estrogen levels?
  • Which plant-based foods will lower your insulin and promote healthier sugar levels?
  • Which supplements raise testosterone naturally without all the side effects?
  • Which supplements are really worth your money and are not just hype and the current fitness trend?
  • How much protein, carbs and fat that you need and how to get those nutrients out of a plant-based diet?

Online Programs

Don’t let the inability to come to the studio get in your way. If your schedule makes an in person visit too difficult you can also take advantage of Colleen’s online fitness and nutrition program. You can start your weight loss journey the right way, bringing back your body’s natural balance, energy and vitality, enhancing your mental clarity and developing your nutrition knowledge through her expert advice. One of her nutrition sessions provides each client with an individualized program with 30 days of continual support.

During our interview Colleen’s message of transformation and empowerment came through quite clearly. She is personable, non-judgmental, inspiring and yes, empowering. I can see how Colleen’s Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching is helping her clients – women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond get back to their own version of “amazing.”

Is it time for you to get back to Amazing too?  

Learn more about Colleen and Holiday Studios at www.ColleenHoliday.com.

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One of the most difficult things a woman can do is change her life, especially mid-stream. It takes discipline, consistency, a sobering understanding of your weaknesses and the realization of some gnawing unhappiness inside–whether it be in body or in mind. In my years of training, I watched women jump the hurdles of life–divorce, depression, loss, toxic relationships and balancing family work and children–as well as self-esteem. It was during this time that I found my passion for training the over-30 female client. While there are tons of fads, fitness trends and new diets, one steadfast rule that has carried me through these hard times is that, when life gets hard, train for it.

Colleen Holiday
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