“Yes, Emeth Gymnastics Has Helped Me to Gain Confidence!”

“They are leagues above the rest in building a strong, courageous, honest, and confident athlete. Emeth builds people of great character, and we are proud to be a part of the Emeth family!!” ~Stephanie Jue, parent of three athletes at Emeth Gymnastics

The goal of the Emeth Gymnastics program is to build and encourage TRUE character in students of all ages and levels as they learn the sport of gymnastics. Every six week session is structured around a specific character trait. As these qualities are emphasized and practiced with regards to skill development and in the context of relationships, one of the obvious and most rewarding results, for both parents and students, is the increased level of confidence.

“Emeth truly builds confidence by paying careful attention to individuality, paying attention to details and each child’s abilities, increasing their strengths, and overcoming their weaknesses,” says Stephanie whose children have been in the program since 2010. “The coaches build confidence through building each child’s level of achievement, their sense of belonging to a very positive family of people, and by increasing their self-esteem. And not just confidence, but all character traits that are admirable, through faith, morality, honest, kind, and positive coaching!”

How Emeth Builds Confidence

Confidence can be manifested in a variety of ways. So can the lack of it. Stephanie, a registered nurse, mom of four, homeschooling parent, and what we used to refer to as ‘the neighborhood mom’ where all the kids just like to hang out, knows what a child without confidence looks like. “A child without confidence has poor posture, stands with their head down, is non-enthusiastic and non-assertive,” she says. “They may also be dependent on others for help or complete assistance without really trying for themselves. They may be shy, timid, nervous, and withheld. Their social skills are diminished and they may even be negative or angry.”

I think we can all name that child in the neighborhood, in the school, in the church. They aren’t uncommon these days.

Stephanie defines confidence as “being certain that the truth is the truth. Also, and more importantly, having the feeling of self assurance that you are capable of doing something. To have trust in yourself and your own ability.”

Since she has three children at Emeth, I asked her to pull each one aside to find out how they define confidence and if they thought that Emeth had helped build that trait in his or her life. Their answers were fascinating!

This what confidence means to:


7-year-old Alayna
Confidence is “when you are not scared of something and you push yourself even when it’s hard,” said Alayna. “Yes, Emeth helps me. I feel and think I am stronger in everything I do! Like when I wanted to get a hard skill, like the splits or a cartwheel on the beam, I pushed myself and listened to my coaches, and now I can do it! Mrs. Nikki and Mr. Jim helped me a lot.”


9-year-old Alyssa
Alyssa defines confidence as “not being afraid to try new things and standing up for yourself and what you believe in. Yes, Emeth has helped me to gain confidence by helping me to learn that you have to just go for it, believe in what you know and go for it. I think I can do it no matter what it is. I trust Mr. Jim, Mrs. Heather, and Ms. Taylor’s coaching because they teach me skills and encourage me to do things I never thought I could do!”


12-year-old Austin
Austin enrolled in the boys program after watching his sisters for a while and after seeing the strength and advanced skills the boys on the team were doing. Austin defined confidence as “believing in yourself. Emeth has helped me gain confidence in myself. Mr. Judah, Mr. Mike D., and Mr. Andrew are not only kind, but their support and belief in me helps me trust my skills and myself. Also, increasing my strength and skills help me to have a sense of accomplishment. I like learning new poems and bible verses each session, too. They give me other life skills, like treating others the way we would want to be treated and trusting in God.”

To top it off, after interviewing each of her younger children, Alexis, Stephanie’s oldest at 14, had to chime in, too! She has some pretty insightful comments as an observer.

“I am not an athlete/gymnast from Emeth, but my sisters and brother are. Confidence is the ability to think highly of what you can do. Emeth has helped my siblings build confidence in themselves by teaching them to believe in themselves and to work hard to gain any skill, in gymnastics and in life, that they want to attain. I see their pride and an increase in their confidence when they accomplish something they have worked really hard at!”

Extra Confidence for the Already Confident!

What if you have been blessed with a child who is already confident? Alyssa is in that category from her years of theater and modeling, yet you read what she had to say. Stephanie adds this. “Emeth enhances confidence by building each child’s level of achievement, sense of belonging, and self-esteem. All of these increase the confidence in our children, even if they already have some! Emeth reinforces it and continues to build it through these three important key factors.

“The coaches also exemplify faith, virtue, and morality; they mirror what they teach. Emeth’s team spirit, along with the kind and focused coaching of skills and character, help athletes to gain a belief in themselves.”

Your Whole Family Wins at Emeth

As parents, we want to choose programs that come alongside us and support us in our efforts to train our children to reach their potential in all facets of life. When you find a program that not only you approve of, but that your child also loves, you have scored a win! The Jue family has found that support, and as Stephanie said above, “Emeth builds people of great character, and we are proud to be a part of the Emeth family!”

If you are interested in becoming a part of a program where your child will grow physically as they learn gymnastics skills from highly trained certified coaches and develop character that will apply to all of life, then call, visit their website, or stop by today! A parent area is available where you can observe classes. Watch and see for yourself what Stephanie is talking about and why Emeth is “ leagues above the rest!”

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