Youth Day at the Geauga County Fair Thursday August 29

Traditionally, the Thursday of the Great Geauga County Fair is known as Youth Day. I remember being a kid myself and excited about the prospect of getting into the fair for free. Once we were old enough, around 7th grade or so, my brother and I could walk around the fair with our friends without adult supervision. Boy, those were the days.

Whether you are a kid attending the fair or an adult, either way, here is a preview of the schedule of events. Tell us what is your favorite event to attend on this day.

Youth Day – Thursday August 29, 2013

Kids 18 and Under are FREE

Here are a few highlights of the day.

Geauga Learn: a cooperative day of learning at the fair for sixth graders who attend West Geauga and Kenston Schools

12:00 p.m. Chicken Flying Contest in the Small Grandstand with Channel 19 host Jason Handman

The Natural Resources Area is open from 12:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Fair Souvenirs are available in the Domestic Arts Building

8:30 p.m. Demolition Derby in the Main Grandstand

Thursday’s Schedule of Events:

8:00 am

  • Jr. Fair Market Poultry Show – pen of 4 chickens Poultry Barn

8:30 am

  • Jr. Fair Pack Goat Show (Natural Resources Area)
  • Jr. Fair Horse Show (East Show Ring)

9:00 am

  • Jr. Fair Sheep Show (Small Arena)
  • Jr. Fair Swine Show (Arena)

9:15 am

  • Jr. Fair Hitch-Harness Goat Show (Small Grandstand)

11:00 am

  • Jr. Fair Dairy Goat Show (Auction Tent)


  • Woodcarving Demonstration (Main Midway)

12 Noon

  • Chicken Flying Contest (Small Grandstand)
  • Sarah Nicole – Country/Christian Musician (Midway Stage)
  • Jr. Fair Market Poultry Show – ducks & turkeys (Small Arena)

1:00 pm

  • Fair Garden Judging (Jr. Fair Building)
  • Woodcarving Demonstration (Main Midway)
  • Hedricks’s Racing Pigs (Midway)

1:15 pm

  • B&B Magic Show (Midway Stage)

2:00 pm

  • Rae Debevits – Country Singer (Midway Stage)
  • Open Miniature Horse Show (Small Grandstand)

3:00 pm

  • Great Geauga Fair Band (Vernon Howard Pavilion)
  • 4-H Cloverleaf’s – Square Dancers (Jr. Fair Building)
  • Jr. Fair Rabbit Breed Show (Rabbit Barn)
  • Hedrick’s Racing Pigs (Midway)
  • Bats Incredible (Geauga Soil & Water District Natural Resources Area)

3:30 pm

  • Woodcarving Demonstration (Main Midway)

4:00 pm

  • Jr. Fair Pygmy Goat Show (Small Arena)
  • Monarch Tagging & Release (Geauga Park District Natural Resource Area)

4:30 pm

  • Woodcarving Demonstration (Main Midway)
  • Archery Demonstration (Geauga Bowmen Natural Resource Area)

5:00 pm

  • Hedrick’s Racing Pigs (Midway)
  • Trapping Demonstration (Ohio Trapper’s Assoc. Natural Resources Area)

5:15 pm

  • B&B Magic Show (Midway Stage)

5:30 pm

  • 4-H Horse Clubs Awards (Jr. Fair Building)

6:00 pm

  • Joe Lexso – Country Music (Midway Stage)

6:30 pm

  • Firemen’s Water Battle (Main Grandstand)
  • Woodcarving Demonstration (Main Midway)

7:00 pm

  • Hot Air Ballon Ascension (Main Grandstand)
  • Open Swine Show (Arena)
  • Jr. Fair King and Queen Contest (Jr. Fair Stage)
  • Hedrick’s Racing Pigs (Midway)

7:30 pm

  • B&B Magic Show (Midway Stage)
  • Maple Town Square Dancers (Bill Plants Pavilion)

8:00 pm

  • Flag Drop / National Anthem (Main Grandstand)
  • Great Geauga Fair Band (Vernon Howard Pavilion)
  • 4-H Cloverleaf’s Square Dancers (Jr. Fair Building)

8:30 pm

  • Demolition Derby (Main Grandstand)

Thursday Fair Schedule – View and Print

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