10 Things to Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

As you put your heat on, pull the heavy blankets out, and winterize your house, your vehicle needs extra preparation to make it through the winter as well! This winter, make sure your vehicle is as prepared as you are with these 10 simple steps.

1. Make sure you are using the proper kind of oil for the colder weather.

You will want to change over to thinner oil. The thinner oil will reduce wear on your engine because it will flow more quickly in colder temperatures. Your owner’s manual should be able to offer you guidance on this.

oil change

2. Check your antifreeze or coolant.

It is recommended that you use a good antifreeze that is about 60% coolant to 40% water. This is very important because, done properly, this can protect your engine in the winter.

3. Replace your windshield wiper blades.

…and fill your washer reservoir with windshield wiper fluid. I also always keep an extra gallon of washer fluid in the back of my car for emergencies.

4. Clean and inspect your battery.

Make sure all your connections are clean and tight. You may want to consider replacing your battery all together if it is more than 4 to 4 ½ years old.

Check engine

5. Consider changing your tires to snow tires.

Especially if you drive a front wheel drive car, changing out your front two tires to snow tires can make a significant difference in your vehicle’s performance in snowy or icy road conditions. It’s also a good idea to get them rotated and balanced and make sure all four have adequate tire pressure.

6. Get your brakes checked.

If you have anti-lock brakes on your car, you want to make sure they are working well so they don’t freeze up when you need them most. Remember, if you don’t have anti-lock brakes, it is better to pump gently rather than slam brakes which could send you right into a spin.

7. Make sure your lights, heater, and defroster are all in good working condition.

8. Put together an emergency kit.

Some of the things you might want to have ready are an ice scraper and a small broom, jumper cables, flashlights, and a first aid kit.

9. Remember some of your favorite old wives tales!

These might come in handy if you are in a bind. Kitty litter has been known to help with getting traction under your tires. If your door locks freeze in cold weather, pour warm water on them, but remember do not get warm water on frozen windows as they will break!

10. Lastly, remember that road salt commonly used during winter can damage your car’s paint.

Rinsing it off every once in a while can help, but a good wash and coat of fresh wax will go a long way in preventing corrosion and keep your vehicle looking like new.

All of these tips will prepare your vehicle for winter. If you would rather a professional do some of these things, we would be happy to do the winterization for you! Call us at 440-834-9700 and make an appointment today with one of our service professionals!

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Jackie Preston Franck
Author: Jackie Preston Franck

Jackie Preston Franck works on marketing and advertising for the Preston Superstore in Burton. Jackie has a background in broadcast television and has been involved in the car business for 20 years. She grew up in Newbury and now resides in Auburn Township with her husband Andy and their two children.