3 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Forget Winter Too Quickly

I’m surprised you’re reading this. No, honestly. Who would actually want to remember wintertime? Living in Northeast Ohio is often cause enough to hate the “white stuff”, so why should we remember winter? I think you’ll agree with me in the end.

We can learn so much from nature and how it functions, so I enjoy taking time to reflect on the lessons it provides.

1. Before every great moment of growth and excitement, there is a period of silence and apparent death.

For months the forest and the flowers may seem dormant. Sometimes, hiding beneath the frozen ground or deep inside the trunks of the trees, there is activity we can’t see. Preparation for the next season often occurs below the surface, and it reminds me that during the dark cold times we all have the opportunity to let things die, or to choose to grow and prepare for the sunny times. The choice is up to us which path we choose.

2. We wouldn’t experience spring with the same amount of joy unless winter was cold and dark.


Contrast is one of the elements of life that brings things into focus. Without darkness, what would light be? Without cold, how would we appreciate warmth? Without pain, what would pleasure be? Now that the sun peeks over the horizon around 6:30 a.m. and burns the mist off the few laden fields, we get to experience the warmth and light we’ve missed and craved for so many months. The sun truly brings joy and warmth that we’ve been missing so dearly.

3. Winter teaches us endurance.

All great and beautiful things that we have the opportunity to experience in life are the result of something or someone’s great endurance. I don’t believe we’ll ever experience true beauty and lasting joy until we’ve endured the dark cold nights of winter in our lives. How can we appreciate the warmth of what’s in front of us unless we’ve shivered in the cold? How can we know how beautiful the birds song is until we’ve spent days longing for that sweet song to play in our ears?

Sunset over a lake

So as you read this today, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine, the flowers, the beautiful bird songs, and everything that brings spring in all its glory. I hope you also remember the times that are difficult, but that help you cherish life’s good times. I like to remember the things that help me appreciate what I am enjoying today.

What do you cherish about springtime? What helps you be thankful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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