3 Makeovers for your Thanksgiving Leftovers

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One of the greatest aspects of Thanksgiving is waking up the following morning, perhaps after a night of Christmas shopping, opening the refrigerator, and seeing so many delicious leftovers ready to be eaten. However, eating these leftovers as-is may begin to bore you. Never fear! We have found three recipes that you can use to spice up your leftovers and transform them into something new!

The first recipe we are going to share seems to be a Thanksgiving leftover favorite – Leftover Turkey Pot Pie! This AllRecipes recipe uses those extra veggies like celery, carrots and potatoes that you did not end up using for your Thanksgiving dinner. These veggies, combined with your leftover turkey and a few other ingredients to put your pie together, create a beautiful pot pie fit for a leftover king or queen!

This next recipe may seem a little unconventional due to the cuisine shift that comes with it, but it keeps true to the flavors of fall. These Leftover Turkey Spring Rolls are served with a sweet and sour cranberry sauce that will make your taste buds go wild. Some of the ingredients include leftover turkey, garlic, soy sauce, cabbage, carrots and egg roll wrappers. This recipe is surprisingly easy and will take your leftovers to a whole new level.

If your goal is to not be able to recognize your Thanksgiving leftovers anymore, try this unique recipe. This Mashed Potato Quesadilla is one for the books. So, take out those mashed potatoes, some bacon, green onions, cheddar cheese and flour tortillas, and you are in business. Some reviews stated that these quesadillas resemble a perogi. Other reviewers added spicy ground beef to the mashed potatoes and came out with a delicious twist on the original.

After Thanksgiving leftovers can be a wonderful blessing. After cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving for days, or even weeks, it is nice to be able to open your refrigerator or freezer and have food already prepared. However, if you are getting tired of your leftovers, there are countless recipes on the internet that deal with Thanksgiving leftovers and these are only three of them.

If you have tried different, delicious Thanksgiving leftover makeover recipes, share them below!

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