3 Reasons Why You Should Go to Rescue Village this Weekend

Imagine a place where abused, injured, sick and abandoned animals find love and a second chance to have a family in Geauga County and our thoughts turn to Rescue Village in Russell Township. Today Rescue Village is a vital center for animal welfare. All who come through these doors, be they four-legged or two-legged (or the occasional turtle or snake), are treated with respect.

Reason #1 for you to get to Rescue Village: Holly
Reason #1 for you to get to Rescue Village: Holly

Animals at Rescue Village are cared for until they find a new home, including those that are abused, sick or injured, those that may need behavior training, or those that simply need the gift of time. Animals are never euthanized due to age, special needs, or lack of space. The Staff and Volunteers embrace the vision of a world where the relationship between human beings and animals is focused on empathy and kindness.

Geauga Humane Society has a proud history of being a leading animal welfare agency in Northeast Ohio. They began their life-saving work in 1974 when founder, Arlene MacDonald, and a small group of committed animal advocates embarked on a labor of love.

Reason #2 for you to get to Rescue Village: Frosty
Reason #2 for you to get to Rescue Village: Frosty

In 2001, Geauga Humane Society, newly named Rescue Village, opened their state-of-the-art 10,500 square foot facility on Chillicothe Road in Russell Township, Ohio where they are currently located.

The Mission of Rescue Village is to:

  • Shelter and find homes for sick, injured, abused, and abandoned domestic animals that have no other alternatives
  • Foster compassion for all living things through education
  • Reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs
  • Prevent cruelty by enforcing animal protection laws

All month long, Rescue Village has several events and an especially cool promotion going on entitled, “It was Love at First Sight” in which they are offering special adoption prices and are featuring several “Lonely Heart” animals!

Why not consider taking a new fuzzy or furry family member into your home this Valentines day! The benefits of true unconditional love and companionship that you will receive will outlast the temporary life of fresh flowers and is much better than a box of chocolates that may only serve to ruin the New Year’s Resolution you set!

Reason #3 for you to get to Rescue Village: Noelle
Reason #3 for you to get to Rescue Village: Noelle

This weekend (February 10-12) Rescue Village will be participating in a special joint adoption event called “Love is a 5 letter word: ADOPT” with six other animal rescue organizations. There will be reduced fees on cats and kittens and a fundraiser will be held on February 19th in Chagrin Falls to raise money for the animals called An Evening by the Falls.

Rescue Village is also looking for Foster Homes which are greatly needed. If you can open your home as a Foster, please contact them as soon as possible. You can learn about the many programs and services they offer by visiting their website www.geaugahumane.org.

If you’re interested in learning more, please do visit Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village this weekend, and tell them Sheri at Geauga News sent you!

15463 Chillicothe Rd, Novelty, OH 44072
Phone: 440-338-4819

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Sheri Rimes
Author: Sheri Rimes

Sheri Rimes has been an animal lover, owner and rescuer all of her life. She is the mother of 1 and enjoys working with their newest family member, a German Shepherd named, “Ziva”. Sheri is the founder of “Save the Kitties Cat Sanctuary”, “The Ransom Ranch Project” (a faith-based outreach program looking for funding that helps single parent families and troubled youth), and the owner of “The Organic Pet”. Sheri is also the host of Pet Prep Radio. She has also been a long term volunteer with Lake Metroparks Farmpark riding with “The Light Horse Brigade, educating the public about the Arabian and The American Paint breeds of horses.