3 Simple Ways that My Coffee Spot Makes Me a Better Person

So – you probably have one too; that spot where you sit down and enjoy your coffee. Maybe you have more than one. I know that, in my case, I have three different spots that I love to enjoy my magical cup of coffee.

At my desk at work, right after I’ve brewed my first cup in my fancy shmancy Keurig pot, I like to set my cup down on the coaster that my brother Judah carved for me.

I also like to sit down on my front porch on the weekends. I have an old coffee pot at home that I’ve had for five or six years now, but it keeps puttering along. It makes a great cup of coffee, and after it has spit out the last few drops, I pour a steaming hot cup, walk out my front door, and settle into my favorite chair. That place is wonderful.

One of my all time favorite places, as I’ve mentioned before, is Coffee Corners in Burton. As I walk through the door, I can already hear Sue bustling around behind the counter. She flies back and forth and makes the coffee machines chatter and hum. As I walk to the counter, I get the same “what can I getcha?” and I feel right at home. After I get my coffee, I settle into one of my favorite spots in the back room at a large antique table, and I get started.

My coffee spot is a small and precious oasis where I can sit back, think, relax, and plan my future. When I’m in any one of my three favorite coffee spots, I am able to accomplish these three important tasks that help me become a better person:

1. I reflect on my own actions

I believe that self reflection is one of the most critical parts of positive growth. When I am able to sit down, focus on slowly sipping my coffee, and relaxing, it gives me the opportunity to think about yesterday, and think about what I’ve done so far today. When I compare my actions to my goals, I am able to make adjustments in my thought process and give myself constructive criticism to improve my actions. Self reflection is so important when we want to improve our own performance and behavior.

2. Write down my thoughts

Over the years, writing has become one of my primary forms of therapy, and fortunately for me, also a source of great joy and productivity. When I am able to escape to one of my favorite coffee spots, it gives me a few minutes to write out my thoughts.

Planning for the future, writing about what I am reflecting on, or just sending a note to someone that I care about are just a few of the ways that my coffee time writing helps me grow, give back, and improve who I am as a person.

3. I observe nature and the others around me

In life, it’s important to not only self-reflect, but to also observe our surroundings and those around us. I enjoy sitting on my front porch and observing the beautiful world around me. Nature holds such order and reason, and I always observe it with awe and wonder.

At work and at Coffee Corners, I enjoy sitting and listening to others, watching them interact, and learning from that. Sometimes, in our own self-reflection, we cannot see our own flaws clearly. Sometimes we cannot see our own strengths well enough. Sometimes we need the example of others to learn more about ourselves. This is why I enjoy studying people around me. It helps me to compare and contrast. It helps me improve my own behavior.

So what are some of your favorite coffee spots? What do you do and learn while you’re there?

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