3 Spectacular Local Businesses I Want You to Know About

When it comes to finding the best possible product, services, creative, and medical care, what better place to look than locally – right here in Geauga County? If you are like me, you want convenience, quality, and long term relationships. When you can find all those things right here in beautiful Geauga County Ohio – I find that to be spectacular.

So today, I want to share with you three spectacular local businesses that you should check out next time you need their services.

1. New Direction Photography

New Direction Photography

Life’s most beautiful moments are the ones that we want to have last forever in our hearts. Those moments are the ones that we cherish and appreciate being a part of with you. From weddings, to showers, to graduations or first communions, the options are limitless when you let New Direction Photography be a part of your magical memories.

Now, instead of undergoing the hassle and making the time consuming trip to their studio, they have decided to bring the studio to you! With traditional backgrounds or with the option of using nature for the background, they can help you capture a moment in time. Relax in your favorite location and freeze that moment in your heart forever with this award-winning photographer who not only take amazing photos, but will make it fun in the process!

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2. Jason D. Majors Family Dentistry

Jason Majors

Almost everyone has apprehensions about going to the dentist. What if you knew your dentist cared about your teeth just as much, if not more, than you do? What if you knew your dentist treated you like you were his family? With this philosophy of patient care, which includes being open, honest, and to treat the patient as he would treat himself, Jason D. Majors gives you all of this and so much more.

While he was growing up, Jason worked after school hours sterilizing equipment and even spent his breaks from college as a full time assistant for an orthodontist his mom worked for. After completing his internship in cardiac rehabilitation, he knew he found his true calling: dentistry. He loves working one-on-one with his patients and helping them to love their smile. That is why he knew that he needed to be a dentist! After graduating from Case Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine, Jason completed an optional one year Advanced General Dentistry Residency at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center here in Cleveland. That helped him to better treat more medically compromised patients and provide more advanced treatments to his patients.

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3. Sheoga Hardwood Flooring

Sheoga Hardwood flooring

We all know that Geauga County is leader when it comes to maple products. Sweet smooth maple syrup, dentist’s nightmare maple candy, the highly prized maple stir, and the best wearing of the hardwoods with a rich, warm look – hard maple hardwood floors! Varying from light to dark reddish brown, with straight grain and fine, uniform texture, Sheoga’s prefinished maple hardwood flooring is a true favorite!

Since 1982, Sheoga Hardwood Flooring and Paneling has been serving Geauga County with high quality solid hardwood flooring. Their prefinished collection is extensive and beautiful! It’s been milled from the finest hardwoods found in the Appalachian region. These are produced at one-tenth of normal manufacturing speed to achieve a superior tongue and groove and end matching. Whether you are interested in hardwood flooring or paneling, they offer four different widths in both prefinished and unfinished to choose from: 2 ¼, 3 ¼, 4 ¼, and 5 ¼ inch. (Prefinished flooring is predominately stocked in the 3 narrower widths.) These range from 12 inches to 96 inches in length and ¾ inch thickness to ensure a life long beauty and quality. A urethane/ceramic, UV-cured finish has been applied to enhance the natural clarity of the wood and is highly durable. They even carry some stunning handscraped, stained woods that impart an old world look – very rustic, warm and inviting.

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So next time you’re looking for quality local merchants that you can trust right here in Geauga County, Ohio, give one of these great options a try. I can promise you that you’ll be glad you did.

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