5 Daily Disciplines to a Healthier Happier Life

…for seniors and anyone else who will become a senior!

Many senior citizens today are enjoying the kind of life they always envisioned. They are full of energy, healthy, have a great outlook on life, and friends in every part of town.

Others want to know their secret!

Of course, there is no 1-2-3 magic formula that will move a person from one category into the other. Most likely, these folks have spent a lifetime making positive choices that are now paying dividends…and not only in the financial realm. The correct attitudes and habits they have established during the previous years have brought them to a place of reaping what they have diligently sown and nurtured through the years to land them in their current state of being.

The following daily disciplines may not be for everyone. If there is ever a question about whether or not you should participate in an activity or begin a new regimen, talk to your healthcare provider. However, just because you have reached a certain age, does not mean you cannot engage anything new!

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! It may take longer, but the process can be just as fun as the product, especially if done with a companion or group. Why not incorporate some new habits into your daily life that can help you get started on your own path to living a healthier more enriching life. Discipline is the key. It always has been and always will be!

1. Stretch Your Way to Wellness
Stretching might seem like a minimal physical activity, but its positive effects can be enormous. Start with just five minutes each day and work up to fifteen minutes. It will help keep muscles and joints flexible, improve circulation, maintain mobility, and help increase overall body health. There are plenty of resources online. Stretching Exercises for Seniors is a great place to start. The Geauga YMCA, the Fairmount Center and other community classes offered through schools abound. Pick one and start stretching!


2. The Wonders of Walking
Walking will literally change everything about your life! Here are just five benefits:

  • It strengthens your heart
  • It lowers disease risk
  • It keeps weight in check
  • It can help prevent dementia and osteoporosis
  • It gives you energy

To learn more, read 10 Health Benefits of Walking Every Day

3. You Really Are What You Eat
Everyone has heard that saying. And it’s true. If we eat living foods, foods that are as close to their original unadulterated form as possible, we will promote life. If you eat highly processed, pesticide-laden, canned, overcooked dead food…well, let’s just say it’s not pretty! Check out this list of 100 Best Foods for Seniors. Begin creating simple meals around these foods every day. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money or time to eat healthy!

4. Water and More Water
Risk for dehydration increases as we age because kidney function may become diminished to some degree. One should never wait until they are thirsty to start drinking water. At that point, dehydration has already begun. Lack of water causes loss of muscle tone, excess weight gain, slow metabolism, increased toxicity, and even organ failure, among other things.

Roughly half of your body weight in ounces is what a person should aim for in water each day. Some of that can be obtained through high water content foods like cucumbers, salad greens, and juicy fruits. By increasing your water consumption, you will remove toxins and increase your energy. You cannot lose by drinking pure water! More on health benefits of drinking water can be found by reading Water and Senior Citizens.

5. As a Man Thinks, So He Is
Never underestimate the power of the mind. Volumes have been written on the transformations people have undergone simply by adjusting their thoughts and attitudes. We have been given the power of choice. By simply choosing to focus on the positive aspects of our lives and choosing to take steps to improve ourselves in some way each day, we will experience change and growth. Growth is equated with life. And a full life can only be attained by incorporating some basic daily disciplines.

Choose one or choose them all….but choose to add something positive to your life every single day to improve yourself. Don’t let anything get in the way. Small daily disciplines yield big returns.

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