5 Reasons Why Your Dog is Better at Email Marketing Than Your Cat

Do you have a dog? I hope you’re a dog lover; otherwise, I might have already lost you with my headline. I love my dog. He’s my best friend. He also understands the basics of email marketing, and I’m going to explain what I mean now:

If you want to succeed with your email marketing efforts, then you might want to take a few lessons from your dog and not copy your cat.

For the sake of discussion, my dog’s name is Toby and my cat’s name is Alice – just so you don’t get them confused.

Here are the 5 reasons:

1. Toby Is Always Happy to See Me

happy dogWhen you are emailing your customers and prospects, bear in mind that you should be happy, upbeat, warm, and friendly. No one wants to open a boring email. No one wants to be reminded of how exhausting marketing can be at times.

Show up with your tail wagging and with a happy grin on your face. Make sure your content is bouncing up and down, full of excitement, and full of life.

Don’t be boring like Alice!

Sometimes, like Alice, the emails I get in my inbox are stand-offish, impersonal, and boring. No one wants to have to convince themselves to interact with your email. It should draw them in on its own.

2. Toby Is Relentless Until He Gets What He Wants

Every good dog owner knows the “signal.” It might be a whine, or a woof, or a nose on your leg, but we all know that sign when our furry four footed friends have to go outside to use the back yard facility.

At first, when they’re younger, we hop right up and give them what they need for fear of an accident, but if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you’ve made your dog ask more than once if you were in the middle of a movie, or making dinner, or doing something else.

Good email marketers are persistent and consistent. Keep asking for the sale, keep educating, keep helping your customers and prospects. Just like Toby, we need to ask more than once if we really need something.

catDon’t try once, and then be put off, like Alice, if you don’t get noticed right away.

Cats are notorious for having attitudes and being put off if we don’t notice them on the first attempt.

Don’t give up so easily, keep trying until you gain your prospect’s attention!

3. Keep It Simple

Toby doesn’t over think things. When I get home, he finds the most direct route and bounds over to me. If there is an obstacle, he’ll jump over it, run around it, or bark incessantly until I come to him.

He doesn’t over think his goal; he just acts.

Professional “planners” sometimes procrastinate and fall asleep in the bay window like Alice.

It’s easy to over think and perpetually plan our way into procrastination. Before we know it, we’ll be looking out into the wild blue yonder planning something we will never execute.

Keep it simple and act today.

4. Toby Is Better at Getting My Attention

If you’ve ever been around a large excited dog, then you know exactly what I mean about their ability to get your attention.

When Toby jumps up on me (which he’s not supposed to do!) he can have the effect of knocking the wind out of me, or even knocking me over at times. At that point, he has my full attention, and as he is standing over me licking my face with joy, he can tell me exactly what he wants.

CAtYou should have direct and impactful headlines and subject lines in your email. You need to get your readers full attention and then tell them something important!

Don’t be like Alice and assume. She likes to meow and meow thinking I’ll understand.

If you rely on assumptions and innuendos you won’t get far. Don’t assume your prospect or customer knows what you want them to do. Be sure to make it very clear and ask repeatedly.

5. Toby Provides Me Useful Self Help

DogNot only does Toby get his needs met when I take him for a walk, but he also helps me. When he convinces me to take him out and give him some exercise, I also get the benefit of exercising.

Bear in mind that a truly successful marketing campaign will provide something useful and helpful to both parties. You and your customer. Be honest about that and up front about it. People are more than willing to help others, and it is especially easy to do so when they also benefit from the activity or decision.

Don’t think that sitting yourself in front of them is enough. When Alice lies on my keyboard, she might have my attention, but it’s not in a good way.

Just because you have succeeded in getting someone’s attention, doesn’t mean you have won them over. When Alice plops down on my keyboard, she does have my full attention, but I feel more like pushing her off the keyboard than helping her.

Remember to always sell a win – win idea, a win – win service, and a win – win relationship. It will go so much farther than just plopping something down in front of your customer.

So there you have it – 5 things to think about when you’re developing your email marketing campaigns.

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