7 Great Reasons to Support Local Business

Strength in Local…when businesses thrive – so does your family!

Geauga County offers a perfect blend of beautiful countryside, interesting culture, captivating history, and unique shopping. Our county is filled with so many fantastic businesses, many of which are run by some of our very own residents. Here at Geauga News, we would like to showcase these people and their businesses.

Have you ever driven by a small business and wondered what it was? Stop wondering and stop by those shops that you have been passing by. See what this county has to offer. Spread the word! You won’t be disappointed!

Great Local Companies

Visit our business members page (located at the bottom of any page on our site). This page has links to all of the local businesses who advertise on Geauga News. Check back often as the ads do change seasonally. If you stop into any of our advertiser’s location, let them know that you saw their ad on Geauga News.

Have you “liked” our Facebook page yet? If not, you should! We publish feature stories about our advertisers and share exciting local news and events on our wall daily. Some of our advertisers are even offering special deals for customers who mention that they heard about them from Geauga News. Read those feature stories to find out more information. You can find them by searching our site for “Meet Your Merchant”.

Geauga County Local Businesses

Why is supporting local businesses so important?

1. They create more jobs locally .

2. The impact on the environment is reduced due to less development from the large chains, and less transportation to and from the business.

3. Small businesses tend to support small non-profit organizations in your community more than the large businesses.

4. Small businesses have the ability to spend more time getting to know their customers and provide better customer service.

5. Money spent in small town companies typically stays within the community.

6. Many small businesses offer a better variety in services and products, creating a one-of-a-kind experience and giving the town it’s own unique character.

7. Tax dollars that the local businesses pay are used for many things including the financing of roads, public schools, sidewalks, and parks. In addition, those tax dollars help to fund additional public service workers such as police officers and firefighters.

The next time you need a service, repair, or product – be sure to check the Geauga News business member section. You’ll be doing yourself AND your community a favor!

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