7 Reasons to Eat Eggs Daily

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Eggs and bacon are the go-to breakfast meal for families all across the nation. However, you can cook eggs for more than just breakfast, and there are a lot of good reasons for you to make a constant effort to include eggs in your everyday diet. Here are our favorite reasons, according to Authority Nutrition.

  1. Good for Your Cholesterol

Eggs are high in cholesterol; just one egg contains 212mg of cholesterol. Even though it’s a high cholesterol food, it doesn’t raise your blood cholesterol. It raises High-Density Lipoprotein – the good cholesterol in your system. Having high levels of HDL lowers your risk for certain diseases.

  1. Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease

Low-Density Lipoprotein is the bad cholesterol, and it’s what typically causes heart disease and all of that other bad stuff. Not only do eggs raise your good cholesterol, but they help with the bad cholesterol also. They change the make-up of the LDL particles in your body and lower your risk for heart disease.

  1. Contains Choline

What’s choline? It’s a substance that helps to build up cell membranes. Choline also helps with your brain, helping it to produce different molecules. Worried that you’re not getting enough of this extremely helpful substance? Don’t worry because just one egg has over 100mg of choline in it.

  1. Help Your Eyesight

Too many people in America have problems with their eyesight and, as we get older, eyesight naturally gets worse. Luckily, eggs happen to have two of the nutrients that can keep your eyesight in good condition – Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

  1. Good Source of Protein

Want to get protein without having to eat meats? Try turning to eggs. A single, large egg will contain around 6 grams of protein. Eggs also have all of the right amino acids to help your body use the protein in the right ways.

  1. Known to Help You Lose Weight

It’s a proven fact that eggs are a great way to lose weight. Not only are they a low calorie food, but, because of how much protein that they have, they also help you feel full longer than if you were consuming other foods.

  1. Eggs Are Good for You

Bottom line: eggs are really good for you. They have a solid number of vitamins that people need in their everyday diet, as well everything else we’ve listed so far. It is pretty cool what a little egg can do for you.

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