9th Day of Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies

“Gingerbread Melting Snowmen”

The smell of warm gingerbread filling the air could only mean one thing; gingerbread men must be baking in the oven, or my melting snowmen are! Simple, fun and oh so good! If you love gingerbread this is the one for you! I am always looking to simplify my recipes, and I recently noticed that a lot of the new Betty Crocker and Pillsbury recipes are using their cookie pouch mixes. I will still make the tried and true recipes from scratch, but when you want to create a recipe in a short amount of time, the ready-made pouches work great, taste great too! Feel free to make your own gingerbread cookies for this recipe.

This recipe yields 3 dozen cookies.


  • 1 Pkg. Betty Crocker or Pillsbury Gingerbread Cookie Mix
  • 1 Container of Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Classic White Frosting
  • Miniature Chocolate Bits (for the eyes)
  • Orange sprinkles (for the nose)


Prepare Cookie Mix according to directions (or make your recipe from scratch).

Frost your cookies while still slightly warm. This will give the frosting a melted appearance.

Place 2 mini morsels for the eyes and one orange sprinkle for the carrot nose.

Let’s Decorate!

Candy canes can be glued curved side out, around the outside of a clean coffee can for a quick flower vase, and then add your favorite flowers. How festive!

Use pretty glass trifle bowls to hold pillar candles. Keep them in place with glittery sugar or cranberries.

Enjoy from: “In the Kitchen with Sheryl”

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