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I would like to take you “behind the scenes” at Geauga News for a moment and tell you about the editor, Patty Arnold. Patty is my mom, and I am the oldest of seven children – myself, and then six boys! As we look back now, we consider ourselves to be the luckiest kids in the world.

She always took a creative approach to learning, and taught us how to think for ourselves

My mom home-schooled us for many years with an incredible combination of non-traditional teaching methods, motivation, and discipline. She always took a creative approach to learning, and taught us how to think for ourselves. She showed us that the only limit is our imagination and how hard we are willing to work for our dreams. Art and innovation was a natural part of growing up for us. When I was little, she painted a colorful mural on the wall of our playroom that brought the Fruit of the Spirit to life. Years later, when we moved, she turned my brothers’ new bedroom into a jungle, complete with jungle animals painted on the walls and vines and stuffed snakes hanging from the bunk beds. She was an amazing story teller, and spent many hours bringing fantastic adventures to life for us. She sewed and crafted, making us costumes and accessories for the characters that we wanted to be – Cowboys, Indians, train conductors, and more. She wrote songs for us with her guitar that we loved to sing along to about our favorite things and about important lessons she wanted us to remember. We will never forget the catchy tune called “Mighty Tail” that she wrote when my brother was fascinated with T-rex, or the silly song called “I Will Be Responsible”! Life would never be the same without creativity and art, and I am so grateful for a mom who spent her time inspiring and developing those things in us as we grew up.

Art and innovation was a natural part of growing up for us

A true artist at heart, she combines her creative talent and love for animals today with “Catcalls: A cat shoppe for people and the cats that own them”. It is a unique online store full of cat-themed artwork, toys, decorations, clothing, and other accessories, all of which she makes herself. You can visit her store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/catcalls. You will also enjoy reading her blog, “Art and Sewforth”, which is always sure to contain a funny story about one of her pets or one of us kids, as well as highlighting more of her arts and crafts. Check it out here: http://artandsewforth.blogspot.com/. Everyone at Geauga News greatly appreciates the time and skill that she contributes as editor, and because she works so hard and volunteers her time here for us, we encourage you to visit and enjoy her online store and blog!

Thank you, Patty!

Heather Leshovsky
Author: Heather Leshovsky

Wife, mom, and co-owner of Emeth Gymnastics: My passion is coaching, living, and loving in a way that reflects Godly character and inspires it in others.