Almost $400,000 in Community Grants awarded to Geauga and Trumbull County communities 

The Board of Directors for the Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District (SWMD) is pleased to announce $400,000 in Community Grants have been funded through grant programs offered  by the District.  

Over $77,000 was awarded for Go Green Community Grants. These grants are offered to local  government (townships, cities, villages, counties), schools, and nonprofit organizations to initiate or expand  recycling, to purchase recycling or waste containers, to purchase items made from recycled content materials, to  perform cleanup activities, or to conduct an approved demonstration project.  

Over $170,000 was awarded for Drop-off Improvement Grants (DIG). These grants provide funds to local  governments (townships, villages, cities and counties), schools and other entities that host one of the over 40  district-sponsored recycling drop-off sites. Funds assist with needed repairs and improvements to these drop-off  sites including concrete, gravel, fencing, security cameras, etc.. These sites provide convenient locations for  residents to bring their bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, etc. for recycling.  

Over $150,000 was awarded for Scrap Tire Grants. These grants provide funding to local governments  (townships, villages, and cities) to host community tire collections. These collections allow residents to drop off  unwanted, used tires for proper disposal and recycling.  

While Americans continue to value and demand recycling as an essential public service, budget  constraints at the local level limit what services individual communities can offer. “We’re here to improve recycling  infrastructure and increase recycling opportunities for everyone in the District. These grants help local  governments provide more and better recycling options to their residents”, says James Dvorak, Chairperson of the  Geauga-Trumbull SWMD Board of Directors.  

Some notable funded projects: 

Champion Local Schools – Go Green Grant – $2637 for a hands-on garden and composting system for their outdoor  learning center 

Kiwanis Club of West Geauga – Go Green Grant – $3,500 for a cardboard reuse shed, encouraging reuse of  cardboard boxes while they are in good condition 

Newton Township- DIG – $15,000 for a new concrete pad, fencing, lighting and signage 

Parkman Township – DIG – $6,352 for security cameras to combat illegal dumping at their recycling site

About Geauga-Trumbull SWMD 

The Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District, created in 1993, is responsible for implementing the Ohio  EPA’s solid waste goals for waste reduction, recycling, and reducing reliance on landfills. Funding for the District is  received through contract fees with landfills and transfer stations receiving waste from Geauga and Trumbull  County residents and businesses. The District provides programs and services that include drop-off recycling  locations, litter cleanups, special collections for household hazardous waste, electronics, scrap tires, and  appliances, and other environmental programs. Visit our website at or follow us on  Facebook.


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