Art is for Everyone!

 No special skills required.
Just come with a smile.

“The biggest misconception about taking an art class is that you have to be an artist,” says Miss Car from MC Studio in Burton. “I believe that everyone is an artist in some form or the other. Sometimes it just takes some kind of inspiration to pull it out.” 

“Don’t get me wrong – it does take practice. Inside everyone there are gifts and talents, whether it be in sports, music or art. In all these things practice is the most important. No athlete comes out on the field as an amazing player. They learn and practice and become amazing!

 I always tell my students that practice makes better because art is not meant to be perfect. It is a reflection of the person behind the pencil or paintbrush. If you have the desire to do art then just try it! Most people are intimidated because they don’t think that they can do it or are afraid of what others will think. Just remember a blank piece of paper or canvas will always be blank until you put something on it.”

Every day that you don’t create is a creation that will never be. Join Miss Car at MC Studio in Burton to explore the art that is within you. MC studio offers classes for everyone!

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Classes began September 9. Classes are on a monthly basis so they can fit into any family’s busy schedule. Call or visit Miss Car’s website and enroll today.

Your creativity is just waiting to be released!



14595 Baird Street
(behind the Burton Library)
Burton, Ohio

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