BEE Prepared!

Novelty Pest – Meet Your Merchant

Summer is coming – and so are THEY!

Buzzzzzz…..ooooouch! – SWAT!

wasp and nest

Ever happen to you while you’re out enjoying that wonderful picnic in the back yard?

NOW is the time to get at those bees and wasps!

But who to call….hmmmmm. How about a local company who has been in the business for nine years! “I was born and raised in Geauga County and have a lot of pride in our community,” says Matt Domonkos, owner of Novelty Pest Management. Having been a lifelong resident, and aware of what larger companies could offer in the realm of pest control, Matt started his company with this in mind; “I felt that I could provide better customer service to my clients than the larger companies,” which he considers to be the most important part of any business.
Along with unbeatable customer service, Matt also says, “Novelty Pest can beat most prices. It’s important to me that I maintain a positive name with my customers, and I feel word of mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising.”

As the weather starts to warm and the bees start to emerge from their long winter nap, people should call now to book their exterior bee and wasp sprays, guaranteed for the season! Quarterly service plans are also available. And as an added perk for our readers, mention Geauga News and receive 10% off any treatment! Senior discounts available, too.

 Matt Domonkos
Owner Novelty Pest Management
440 338-1860


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